Thanks to a recent tweet from Lauren Conrad, I have discovered this site and find it to be quite brilliant.
The site is
You know that FML site? Well, it’s kind of like that, only cleaner. We all have things we want to say to people, things, places, companies …. but we can’t always say them. This site allows us to do just that! Maybe that one person, thing, place or company will never see it, but at least you’ve said what you wanted to say and it is no longer sitting on your chest.

Here’s a screen shot from some recent entries:

My latest …

             Dear Drama Queens: 
             I am not a therapist.

Go ahead. Vent! It doesn’t have to be mean or negative. Do your shoes hurt? Let them know! Closet too small? I know the feeling. Shout it out! 
Comment below with your best Dear ___, please ____. 
You’ll feel much better, I promise 🙂

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