3 Guys, a Girl & a Bowling Alley

Ohhhh Valentine’s Day – either the worst or the best day of the year, depending on your situation and personal opinion. I, for one, have never been too big on the holiday. It’s just an obnoxious and silly holiday created by Hallmark, and a money pit for shops and restaurants. My opinion – who needs a day to A) Be reminded that they are single and have no one to celebrate with; B) Desperately track down another single in the area to have an expensive and awkward dinner with; Or C) Celebrate your love with that special someone. Shouldn’t you always express your love for that person if you do, in fact, love them? I love my boyfriend with all my heart and yes, I want to celebrate that on Valentine’s Day. But I love him every day and think it’s important to let him know more than just once a year.

So, I woke up in the morning expecting it to be an ordinary day. I already knew that Jimmy and I wouldn’t be going out for an elaborate dinner or anything, since we have bowling every Tuesday night (we are on a league – don’t judge.)

Instead, we decided to go to Dunkin’ Donuts before work to enjoy a cup of coffee and a quick breakfast. It was about as romantic as I figured the day was going to be, and I was totally okay with that (neither of us are very mushy – mostly just sarcastic and goofy.) Jimmy enjoyed a heart-shaped, sprinkled doughnut and I, an iced coffee and breakfast croissant. Oh yeah, and he bought me this snazzy cup!

I get to work and, because it’s Valentine’s Day, of course had to bring in treats for everyone – I made Strawberry Brownie Cupcakes

and Margarita Cupcakes the night before. (SO yummy!) However, I wasn’t expecting a million others to bring us goodies, as well. The owner of Dipper Dan’s, an ice cream and candy shop at work, brought us chocolate-covered strawberries. The owner of the Pink Cupcake, another shop at The Landing, brought us a cake pop bouquet. Coastal Cookies, the cookie stand at work, brought up a box of delicious, homemade cookies. Michael, a co-worker, always gets his wife and daughters chocolate-covered strawberries from 3 Sisters (the BEST in the world) and brought an extra batch for all of the ladies in the office. A friend of mine and colleague brought all of the women in our office a candy graham. We gave away a Valentine’s Package to one lucky winner from The Landing’s Facebook contest – they were so sweet and so excited! All by noon. So, as you can imagine, we were all on a sugar high and the day was much more Valentine’s-y than I expected it to be. Everyone was in a happy mood, people coming in and out of the office wished us all a “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and we barely got any work done because we were distracted from all of the pink, red and chocolate.

5 o’clock rolled around quickly and it was time to head home, change in to jeans, grab a pair of socks and get to the bowling alley by 6:30 p.m. Jimmy and I are on a bowling league, part of Jacksonville Scene, with 4 other friends. It’s actually a really great time, and I’ve gotten much better at bowling! (I used to be proud if I bowled a 60.) We are on a coed league, so our team (Hubris Bowls – thanks to the guys) consists of 2 girls and 4 guys. The other girl and her husband couldn’t make it this week, which meant I would be spending my Valentine’s evening with three dudes. This really didn’t come as a surprise to me, because they are basically my 2nd and 3rd boyfriend anyway since we are all always together. Time for game one of three. I didn’t do too terrible, but not great either. Game 1: I bowled a 91 (eh, not too terrible, I suppose) with 1 strike and 2 spares, Jimmy bowled a 147 with 2 strikes and 5 spares (he’s the best on our team). Our team lost that round. Game 2: I bowled a 101 (a little better) with 1 strike and 1 spare, Jimmy a 160 with 4 strikes and 3 spares. Unless I got a strike, I managed to leave one – just ONE – pin standing. Talk about wanting to pull your hair out! We won that round with a team score of 471. The 2nd pitcher of beer and a round of Valentine’s (rum punch) shots at $2.50 a pop must have helped. But again, one pin. Game three – the tie breaker: I bowled a 78 (I guess the 3rd pitcher was a bad idea) with 1 strike and 1 spare and Jimmy bowled a 126 (bad for him) with 3 strikes and 2 spares. Did I mention I bowled eight gutter balls that round? And yes, left more pins standing solo. Stupid pin. Needless to say, we lost that round. Moral of the story – don’t bowl on Valentine’s Day. It’s bad luck!

But wait – let’s back up. I forgot the best part of the work day! I forgot to mention that Jimmy came to The Landing to treat me to lunch. I met him at Koja Sushi, where he already had a table for us on the patio. When I sat down, I noticed a Deutsche Bank (the company he works for) gym bag sitting in front of him on the table. I figured there were flowers or chocolates in it. He said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. Open it,” acting like it was nothing. I opened the bag to find another small bag. But not just any bag. A turquoise blue bag. A Tiffany & Co. bag! I paused and looked up with a puzzled look on my face. He just smiled. I opened the bag to find a card and a box. The card read, “Since we are spending Valentine’s Day bowling, I figured I’d take it up a notch.” I pulled out the little blue box that every girl wants. My eyes lit up. I was excited, yet slightly nervous and a bit terrified. Not that I really expected him to pop the question mid-afternoon on a rainy day at work, but stranger things have happened. I unwrapped the white silk ribbon, opened the box and picked up the little blue pouch that lay inside. (It was too heavy to be a ring – I breathed a sigh of relief.) Out slid a beautiful, shiny silver bracelet with a turquoise heart charm. I was beyond happy and made him put it on my wrist right away. It fit perfectly and looked beautiful and it went perfectly with the Tiffany necklace he got me for my birthday in March 2011. He took it up a notch, indeed!

All-in-all, I’d say it was the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had :). So, I’m curious, did you do anything excited this Valentine’s Day? Do you love or hate the holiday? I’d love to hear!


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