More than just a Leap Day

Happy Leap Day … Happy Leap Year … Happy Hump Day … Happy Day! Today is such a great day. It is a day that only comes around once every four years. Because it is that day, there are so many great sales and special offers going on. It is the middle of the week, which means only two more work days left for most. It is the last day of February (where has this year gone, already?) It is one day closer to spring. But most importantly, to me, today marks two and a half years of being with my best friend.

Jimmy and I don’t typically celebrate our month-iversaries, though we do acknowledge them to one another. But today is different. It is a half-way mark. Halfway through another year together. Halfway to the beginning ofanother year together. Halfway to five years together. (I like multiples of 5 … don’t ask why!)

We began dating on August 29, 2009, so the 29th of each month is always a happy day for us. Not that we feel like we’ve accomplished something impossible and made it through something no one else has. But because it means we’ve gone through another month together, experienced life together and grown closer to one another in the past month. So when it dawned on us that our two-and-a-half year mark fell on a day that doesn’t exist every year, we felt pretty dang special. I felt special.

Special and lucky. Jimmy is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I couldn’t ask for a better friend to share my days with. He laughs with me (and often times at me), comforts me when I cry, doesn’t complain when I make him take a zillion pictures with me (even if they all look the same), enjoys spending time with my friends and family and he loves my little yappy dog. He surprises me with flowers for no reason, watches chick flicks with me by choice, lets me play DJ in the car (and gives me funny looks when I try to sing like Carrie Underwood), and reminds me to bring flats in my purse when we’re going out and he knows my heels are too high. We don’t fight, he never allows me to feel bad about myself, he tells me he loves me every day and most importantly, he never lets me down.

This is the guy that woke me up this morning saying “Happy 30” (30 months together) with a huge grin on his face, and the guy that is taking me out to dinner at The Melting Pot tonight. (Because he knows cheese is the way to my heart!)

So, Happy Leap Day to my Prince Charming. Happy 30. Happy 2.5 years. I’m already looking forward to this day four years from now! I hope everyone’s Leap Day is just as special, for whatever the reason. Happy February 29th!

Disclaimer: I am not at all a mushy or sappy person, and I definitely don’t post my feelings for the world to see. But, since today doesn’t come around very often, I figured I could make an exception! Thanks for hanging in there 🙂


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  1. Kim Perez
    March 1, 2012 / 5:04 pm

    Soooooo Sweet! You two were meant for each other and I am incredibly happy for you both. Jimmy is definitely one of a kind and I’m glad you found each other. I love you both very much!

    • Blakeley
      March 1, 2012 / 6:14 pm

      thanks, Mom. I couldn’t’ agree more 🙂

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