Growing up, my family had a “movie night” at least once a week. We would either rent a movie (remember when you could actually walk into your local video rental store, browse movies and pick out the one you wanted to watch?) and have an appetizer picnic in the living room, or we would go to the movie theater, enjoy popcorn, sodas and candy (back before if would cost at least $30 for these three things) and enjoy a night out. Sure, many people enjoy movies. But it’s rare to find someone else who wants to go to the theater to see a movie or spend a Friday night at home watching a flick. It’s also hard to find someone else who enjoys watching all types of movies. So, when Jimmy and I first started dating and I realized he loved movies as much as I did and was as easily entertained by nearly any movie like me, I knew we were going to work out.

We’d go see movies pretty frequently, but after a while it really started breaking the bank (with movies at $9-12 a person, it gets pretty dang expensive!) When we moved in together on the south side area, we discovered that Cinemark Tinseltown offers $6 movies every Tuesday. Yes, you heard right. $6!! We were as happy as pigs in mud when we heard of this news! So, for the past year-and-a-half, seeing a movie on Tuesday has become a weekly tradition for us. Of course, if there is nothing good enough to spend the money on at the time, we will skip that week and find something on Netflix or on the Roku. But that isn’t the case this time of year. Right now, all of the action movies (or “popcorn flicks,” as J likes to call them), rom coms and cheesy chick-flicks are coming out. We have a hard time picking out which one we want to see!

Our past few movies include: The Hunger Games (AMAZING, especially if you read the book), Cabin in the Woods (dumb), The Avengers (awesome – and I thought I would hate it) and The Five-Year Engagement (cute, but slightly drawn out). I have been dying to see The Lucky One but for some reason, I keep letting Jimmy pick the movies. And, unless we’re up for a double feature tonight, I don’t think I will be seeing that one in theaters. Tonight we are seeing What to Expect When You’re Expecting and let me tell you, I am pumped! A, because it looks hilarious and B, because Jimmy is excited to see it, too! I have heard great things about it, but I’m excited to see for myself. I will post a brief review about it tonight or tomorrow. No, I’m not a movie critic or expert, but more often than not, the best reviews come from a friend or from someone with similar taste.

Have you seen What to Expect When You’re Expecting? Or maybe another movie in theaters right now that you would recommend? I love suggestions!


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