Keurig Vue House Party

Last Sunday was epic. I was lucky enough to be one of few selected by to host a Keurig Vue House Party, and Sunday was the big day.

If you’re not familiar with, I encourage you to check it out. HGTV partners with companies and brands to allow their members to host these house parties, where the host invites friends over to out  experience the new product. Spaces are limited, so the host basically has to “earn” his or her spot, and selects the hosts based on interests and who they think are the best fits.

And this one was a great one to be a “best fit” for!

Hosting a coffee party would have been awesome. But I decided to spice it up a bit by making it a coffee + brunch party. You know, a coffee bar, mimosas, food. .. the whole works. My Party Pack came with all sorts of goodies (6 boxes of Vue Packs, a Keurig Vue apron, napkins, cookies, mints, coffee cups, tumblers, and of course, the new Keurig Vue) and I just had to purchase the brunch goodies and invite Jacksonville’s finest. Easy peasy!

Plus, I LOVE hosting, entertaining and throwing parties, so this was practically the highlight of my week (or maybe even month.) So after making list after list, shopping for the party necessities and deep-cleaning my apartment, it was time for my Vue Party.

While I prepped for the party and waited for the guests to arrive, of course I had to indulge in a cup of Hazelnut coffee (that one is my favorite.)

Even the animals were excited!

And I was ready.

Guests began to arrive, and it was time to teach them how to use the Keurig Vue. They were all as excited about it as I was. The trickiest part was deciding which flavor of coffee to have, and whether to have it normal, over ice or frothed!

She’s a natural barista!

Devon got everyone hooked on the Vanilla Latte with a splash of Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka. Mmmmm.

Devon anxiously waiting for her coffee to brew.

Jamie was stoked!

So, what was on the menu? Well, we had a little bit of everything…

For those with a sweet tooth, we had pancakes.

Chocolate chip, or regular?

I’m an egg girl, so I had to have an omelet station. Everyone could create their own omelet by choosing from peppers, onions, ham, bacon, spinach and cheese.

Thank goodness Devon was a professional omelet-flipper!

Pretty, right?!

In fact, I’m not sure what I would have done without Devon. She ended up being in charge of the omelets while I made the pancakes, and taught me that you can cook bacon in the oven (and it tastes AMAZING!) I’m pretty sure she achieved hero status after that.

Thank you, Devon, for helping me cook!

And because it’s Fall, I couldn’t resist making Pumpkin Sticky Bread.

And we can’t forget the delicious cookies that came in my Party Pack.

But what brunch is complete without mimosas and a bloody Mary bar?

Served with pickled asparagus, blue cheese olives, garlic-stuffed olives, hot sauce, Worcester sauce and lime. Yum-o!

And of course, the coffee bar was the highlight of the day.

Pick a flavor!

Just a couple of the flavors we got to try.

What’s a coffee bar without add-in options? Cream, sugar, Kahlua, Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka, maybe…?

We all stuffed ourselves, enjoyed each other’s company and meeting new friends, and by the end of the afternoon – we were all on a caffeine high!

Even Lexie was exhausted by the end of the party! She sure did enjoy all the extra attention, though.

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed sharing the new Keurig Vue with all of my friends. A huge “thank you” to my party guests that were able to make it – I hope y’all had a great time and will come to my next House Party!

And a GIGANTIC “thank you” to and Keurig for selecting me to host this party and providing me with so many amazing products. My Keurig Vue is my new favorite toy and I will never tire of using it. I’m already looking forward to new flavors and add-ons to come out!

If you’re considering purchasing a Keurig Vue, it’s absolutely worth every penny. (In fact, I just purchased one as a gift.) You can make cafe-style beverages, iced coffees and teas, choose the strength of your coffee, brew travel-sized drinks and more. Check out my review of the product for more about the brew system!

Check out my entire photo gallery from the party below.


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