There are SO many businesses and brands on Facebook these days, it’s hard to keep up with everything. Some do a great job managing their outlets and engaging with Fans (awesome!), some blow up your News Feed with dozens of posts a day (‘unlike’), and others just don’t post at all (boo!). I do manage social media sites for a few businesses and brands, but I am by no means an expert. After all, who really is? I definitely know many people who are great at it, but the world of social media is rapidly growing, ever-changing, and different strokes work for different folks, so who’s to say there is only one right way to do things?

While I personally ‘like” hundreds of Pages on Facebook, I only really pay attention to a select handful. I like those that are innovative and creative, posting and sharing content that you don’t tend to see every day. And naturally, many of those that I do pay attention to are constantly running contests, giving away goodies or posting exclusive coupons. After all, who doesn’t like a good freebie every now and then? I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite brands on Facebook, so that you too may have a shot at scoring something totally awesome or taking advantage of great deals.

So, here’s my list of brands worth Liking (and keeping up with) on Facebook:
(Click the links to be directed to their Facebook pages)

1. Bic Mark-It: Yes, Bic the pens (or in this case, permanent markers.) They are currently running a 36 Days of Color Sweepstakes, giving away a different prize each day. This sweepstakes ends 11/6/12, but they always have something bright and colorful up their sleeve.

2. Vaseline: They just wrapped up their “Find the Mini Vaseline” sweepstakes (which was very creative!), but they are constantly posting uses for their products you may not know about, sharing health tips, and yes, giving away product.

3. Shutterfly: Calling all picture freaks (like me!) If you haven’t heard of Shutterfly, where on Earth have you been? They share discount codes, photo gift ideas, holiday decor inspiration, free printables, photo tips and more. If you have a great Halloween costume photo, head on over to their page and enter to win 1 of 4 awesome prizes in their photo contest!

4. Southern Ford Dealers: How does a free car sound? The Southern Ford Dealers are constantly offering chances to win a new vehicle, as well as tickets to sporting events, concerts, LEGOLAND Florida and more. Right now you can enter to win a 2013 F-150 or Super Duty! (Yes, this is one of the Pages I manage. But what can I say? We give away good stuff! :))

5. Victoria’s Secret: Of course we’d expect them to have a killer social media presence. After all, it IS Victoria’s Secret! Lately they’ve started doing some really cool things, like showing behind-the-scenes footage, offering a first look at new products, and my current favorite, an opportunity to Train Like an Angel. While the angels train to get ready for their big fashion show, VS is inviting women around the world to join in by gaining access to exclusive workout videos, training tips and nutrition suggestions. They’ll even send the workout videos via text message!

6. Half Off Depot Atlanta: Even if you don’t live in Atlanta, I’m sure you could still use an extra $500! On top of offering great deals every day (many valid nation-wide), they’re constantly giving away cash, Visa gift cards and gas cards. Happy posting!

7. Firehouse Subs: Who doesn’t love a good sub? They just gave away a trip to Hawaii, but their mouth-watering, educational and humorous posts are never-ending, and they’re always posting coupons, ways to help their foundation and opportunities to win freebies. FYI – Did you know you get a free sub on your birthday? (Warning: Many of their posts may make you drool!)

8. IWearYourShirt: If you like to laugh, learn about new businesses and want free stuff, definitely check them out. These guys have different sponsors each week/month, so you never know what you might be able to win! They get paid to wear other people’s shirts …. why didn’t I think of that??

9. Rimmel London: If you wear makeup, go Like their page. They post coupons, give away trips to London, and are currently running a sweepstakes that changes each week. Up for grabs this week: A $100 gift card and a digital camera!

10: Bellum & Rogue: I’ve never been to their boutique in person, but I have ordered several items from their website and love them all. They are always offering great Facebook Deals, uploading pictures of the latest trends, and giving away gift cards and items. This is definitely a must-like if you’re trying to spice up your wardrobe on the cheap!

11: Country Outfitter: If you want a pair of free cowboy boots, like, like LIKE! They give away about a pair a week, and they are all SO adorable. I’ve been trying for a few months and haven’t won yet, so if you win a pair of boots before I do, it means war! (Ha, just kidding … sort of.) Yeehaw!

12. If you have pipes, rock the guitar or just like discovering new music, head on over to their page. They’re constantly interviewing big names, up-and-comers and local musicians, and giving newbies chances to open for chart-topping artists and bands. Right now you can enter a video showcasing your singing/performing skills for a chance to open for Tyler Ward!

What are some brands you Like on Facebook that are worth checking out? Please share them with me so I can post them on my blog, and Like them myself!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was not endorsed or compensated by any of the above companies to include them in this post.


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