SodaStream_Welcome_2012_10_23_vCHooray for another House Party! And not just any  House Party … a SodaStream Fizz the Season House Party!

Soda any time you want it, any way you want it? I’m in. I’m typically not much of a soda drinker, but there are definitely times when you just need one. After all, what is pizza with out a Coke? And I learned that you can also make lemonade, energy drinks, juices, and Crystal Lite-type drinks with the machine – yay! Plus, I like to make cocktails with soda, so I knew a SodaStream would be much appreciated in my house.

And so it arrived.

The Party Pack was full of fun goodies, party favors and decorations, along with a SodaStream Starter Kit and several soda flavors.

So fun!!

When planning my SodaStream party, I’d originally planned to host it on a Saturday, when all hosts were supposed to have their party, and pair it with football. However, that day didn’t seem to work for many of my guests, so I moved the party day to Sunday and decided to pair it with Thanksgiving. We host a “Friendsgiving” dinner every year around Thanksgiving, so the timing was perfect.

Guests enjoyed the football game while I finished preparing the food…
And Jimmy, the bar master, made drinks for everyone and taught them how to use the SodaStream.


Sidney was very excited about the soda maker and insisted on giving Jimmy a break so she could try it!
Step One: Fill the bottle with water, insert bottle into Soda Stream, press and hold until desired carbonation is reached.
Step two: Add flavor and gently mix.
Step three: Pour.
Step four: Share and enjoy!
Once everyone had drinks and the food was ready, it was time for Thanksgiving dinner!
Then it was time to play with party favors and experiment with more soda flavors and cocktail mixers.
The party favors included bubble pens, coasters/Frisbees, napkins, magnets, notepads and popcorn.
We had a great time hosting the party and spending the day with so many wonderful friends, and the SodaStream has made the best new addition to our kitchen. It’s easy to use, a lot of fun, and the flavor possibilities are endless!


Thank you SodaStream for the soda maker, thank you House Party for giving us this opportunity, and thank you to all of my fabulous friends that made this such a great day!

If you’re interested in purchasing a SodaStream Starter Kit before the end of December, leave a comment below and let me know. I have a few $20 rebate coupons left over and would love to share them with you!



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    Hi Blakeley,
    Thanks for sharing your tips. I get more ideas from it. I love soda and am looking for best sodastream to buy.

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