I’ve recently joined a program called Influesnter, which allows “influential” people in the blog and social media world to sample new products. They will send boxes containing different products depending on your interests, with hopes that you will review the products and help spread the word. My first box was the Cosmo VoxBox, and the contents were much more than I expected them to be.

The Cosmo VoxBox contained five items: Gillette Venus razor plus and additional razor head, a Ghirardelli chocolate bar, travel-size Bath and Body Works Forever Red perfume, and two FriXion by Pilot pens.


1 & 2. Gillette Venus Embrace razor and a Venus & Olay refill. I’ve been using Venus razors for several years now and love them, but I never realized that you can use any Venus razor blade with any Venus handle! I mean, I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before, but I never really thought about it and did it intentionally. Pretty nifty! Both blades leave my legs feeling silky, smooth and razor burn-free. The $2 off coupon that was included will definitely be useful!  (Venus & Olay blade: $5.33, Venus Embrace razor with blade: $11.79
+ $2 off coupon)

3. Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Sea Salt Escape. WOW! This chocolate bar is AMAZING. I have been on a sea salt/sweet and salty kick lately, so this came at just the right time. The combination of creamy milk chocolate, sea salt and finely chopped almonds is perfection. I am not a huge fan of almonds, but they were a-okay in this bar. If you’ve never tried a Ghirardelli bar, it’s a must. The gold wrapper makes you feel like you’ve won Willie Wonka’s grand prize and the chocolate is delicious! I tried to make it last longer than a day, but my dog got a hold of it and prohibited that from happening. Luckily, she didn’t get sick! (Candy bar: $2.79)
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4. Bath & Body Works Forever Red Eau de Parfume. I’ll be honest – I don’t remember the last time I went to a Bath and Body Works. I like the store, just didn’t really have any need to go. But smelling this perfume took  me by surprise, and made me actually want to go to the store (which I did last night!) The fragrance is sweet, light and refreshing, and just smells happy. Not exactly sure how to describe a scent…  The travel-size bottle is perfect, too! ($10.00 for .25 fl oz., $44.50 for full-size)

5. FriXion by Pilot Pens. Mistake-free writing in ink? Count me in! These gel pens are GENIUS! They write smoothly, and you can erase any mistakes with the rubber tip on the end. Forget eraser marks and smudges – there is no actual eraser to crumble or disappear. Told you … brilliant! ($4.50 for 3-pack, $11.00 for 8-pack)
Overall total value of the Cosmo VoxBox: Approximately $34.

Influenster is an invite-only program, so if you’d like to participate let me know by commenting below with your email address. I have a few invites remaining and will select four people to invite!


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  1. December 30, 2012 / 4:41 pm

    The chocolate WAS really good. Just amazing.

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