Foodie Penpals: February 2013


Yay – It’s back! I joined Food Penpals back in November and had an awesome first Foodie Penpal. Instead of sending packages to one another in December, we all donated to a cause instead, and my January penpal didn’t get around to sending my package because her house flooded (eek!) – So needless to say, I am excited to be back in the game! And just as my first penpal did, this month’s match blew it out of the water. Reva, my penpal that sent my package, trekked through the snow and shoveled her way around snowy, cold Boston just to send me some goodies … she ROCKS!

My box o’ goodies included several local food items and some of Reva’s favorites:  A box of Trader Joe’s Blondie Bar Mix, a package of Q’s Nuts, Taza chocolate, pesto sauce and potato gnocchi.


I was super stoked to find a Trader Joe’s product when I opened the box. We don’t have a TJ’s here in Jacksonville (or anywhere nearby that I am aware of), but I love their stuff. My boyfriend’s mom sends us goodies from there every now and then and it’s all been delicious. I can’t wait to make these blondie bars and top them with ice cream … yum!

Reva said in her note that the Salt & Pepper is her favorite Taza Chocolate flavor, and after reading my blog she thought that I would like it as well. Reva, you were right! The first bite freaked me out because, well, it tastes like salt and pepper. But after the second try and really tasting it, I really like it! It’s not like anything I’ve had before, but I’m totally into funky foods and flavor fusions, so it’s right up my alley.

How precious is this little bag of nuts? Q’s Nuts is a local nut shop in Somerville, MA (check out their site – adorable!) Reva picked out Banana Foster pecans, “a flavor that seemed southern.” How cute! They are scrumptious.

Helloooo deliciousness. Okay well, I haven’t tried it yet, but my mouth waters every time I think about it. I have never had gnocchi before, but the boyfriend says it’s delicious. Plus, I am a huge fan of basil pesto so I know I’m going to love it. In fact, it’s what I’m having for dinner tonight so I’ll let you know how it is!

Thank you SO much, Reva. You are so sweet and did an amazing job. The fact that you took the time to look through my blog to get a feel for what I might like is super thoughtful, and I hope I am matched with you in the future so that I can return the favor.

P.s. Giving is just as fun as receiving! This month I got to send to Kalyn in Redondo Beach, CA (you do not send to the same person you receive from) and look forward to hearing what she thinks about the goodies she received.

Wondering what exactly Food Penpals is and how to get involved?
Foodie Pen Pals in a nutshell: Sign up to join, Lindsay  over at The Lean Green Bean matches you with a pen pal, you send them goodies, someone else sends you goodies, you enjoy the treats, blog about it if you’d like, and there you have it.

Happy eating!




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