Tracy Anderson Method: Let the Metamorphosis Begin

About two months ago, I came across a Pin on Pinterest that linked to a YouTube workout video by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. The moves were funky and something I’ve never tried before, plyometrics and isometrics using your body to sculpt and shape, and she promised to “tone, tighten and get your skin to stick back to the muscle.” Sounded good to me! I began doing a few of her other workouts and could feel the burn immediately after.

A few days ago while in Target, I was looking for one of her workout DVDs when I came across the Metamorphosis by Tracy 90-Day Body Reshaping System.  It was $89.99 and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to spend that much on another workout program. I came home, did some research and read a few blog posts on others who have tried the program. I decided it sounded like something I wanted to try, so the next day I went back to get it. Not only was there only one left on the shelf, it was on sale for $10 off! I took that as a sign and headed out a happy girl.

Before purchasing the workout program, you should visit Tracy’s website to determine which body type you are, so you can order the correct program for you. She tries to make it as close being your own personal trainer as possible. I have an Omnicentric body type, which was the only one offered at Target at the time of my visit. Again, it was a sign! The program comes with four DVDs to get you through the 90-day program: Three include three weeks worth of different workouts, and the fourth includes a 30-minute dance/cardio workout. It also includes a tape measure, a chart to track and record your progress, and a meal plan. The only other things you’ll need are three-pound weights and a mat.
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Tip: I would  suggest trying a few of her YouTube videos before spending the money to see if you like her style. Here are a few of my favorites:

Today, I completed day one and am feeling great! So, how did it go?

I LOVE the style of the Method. It incorporates Tracy’s funky spin on all of the classic moves that I love (crunches, leg lifts, etc.)

The strength exercise: The most challenging part of the routine (other than the fact that your thigh and glute muscles may start cramping after 15 reps!) is that she doesn’t give instructions on each move. That’s just her thing though. She does the moves and changes without telling you, but they’re easy to pick up on after she does them a few times. Each full-body workout lasts 30 minutes, so the entire workout is an hour long. Tracy’s background is in dance and ballet, so all of her moves focus on small “accessory” muscles that will tone, define and elongate, giving you the body-type of a ballerina. She says even if women in your family have had big hips and short, stalky legs (ME!), you don’t have to. That she will help you reach your teeniest, tiniest point and give you the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Dance/cardio: I’ll be the first to say it: 30 minutes of non-stop bouncy-dancing is HARD! I was dying five minutes in, no joke. I’m not going to lie … I could barely continue after 15 minutes. Personal tip: If you have to stop, take a break, walk around for a bit but don’t turn that DVD off. Jump back in every second you can, even if it’s only for a few minutes. That’s what helped me push through. Again, same with the sculpting video, she doesn’t give you instruction on the moves or walk you through the steps before the routine. I grew up dancing and cheerleading, so luckily I can pick up moves and choreography pretty quickly without instruction. I imagine that if you don’t have any sort of dance background, however, it may be a bit challenging to pick up on at first. Fortunately you have 90 days to figure it out and perfect it! I am really looking forward to continuing this dance portion of the Method and seeing how far I’ve come with it at the end of the 90-day program.

You’re supposed to track your progress daily, and record your measurements every 10 days when you switch up the workouts. I’m going to try to post my progress every ten days on here so I can record how I’m feeling and go deeper into my progress. Feel free to join me on my 90-Day Metamorphosis! It’ll be fun :).

Here we go!!


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