DIY Housewarming or Hostess Gifts

Hostess and housewarming gift-giving isn’t quite what it used to be, but I’m still and fan and vote we bring it back. It’s just classy, don’t you think? This doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend lots of money on a platter that he/she will only use a handful of times – you can still show you care with ten minutes and $10 or less.


If you’re heading to a housewarming party, or just want to welcome a friend to her new diggs, here are a few ideas that won’t cost you a lot of time or money.

Idea #1: Stack a few useful items that she’ll need and secure it with a cute ribbon. Here, I included several kitchen necessities that I purchased at the Dollar Tree: a cutting board, pot holder(s), a spatula, and a magnetic notepad.


Stack it neatly and tie it with a bow. Tada!
IMG_8333Total cost: $5 (not counting the ribbon, which I already had). You can modify this in countless ways, creating new variations and  “themes” each time. Other items you might include could be mini calendars, kitchen towels, small wooden cutting boards, additional utensils, koozies, bottle/wine openers, or a mini dry-erase board for the fridge. Going to a holiday party? Include holiday-colored pot holders, kitchen towels or notepads instead!

Idea #2: Wine is always a popular gift loved by all, but why not spice it up a bit? Instead of just handing over a bottle of wine, sit it on top of a few coasters (again, found at the Dollar Tree) and tie with a cute ribbon. Simple, but much more fun to give and receive!



Cute, right? Total cost: $8. (P.s. Rex-Goliath is a great, inexpensive wine to give – and receive! Ranging from $5.50 – $7 a bottle, it tastes delicious and doesn’t make you look like a total cheap-o.) This could, of course, be done with any type of booze if wine isn’t the drink of choice.

What are your go-to gifts for parties such as these? I’d love to hear any thoughts or ideas you have!



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