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Pumpkin. Pumpkin overload. And I mean that in a fantastic way. October may be halfway over, but my pumpkin obsession is nowhere near finished (as I sit here sipping on an iced pumpkin mocha latte.)

I was recently invited to a Dunkin Donuts blogger event, where we got to be the first to sample Dunkin’s Fall lineup, including, wait for it …. pumpkin EVERYTHING!

No seriously, I mean everything. Things I didn’t even know they had! Like this Pumpkin Pie Donut …


WHAT? Yes, that is for real. I mean, I know all about pumpkin donuts (trust me), but I never could have dreamed up the deliciousness that is a Pumpkin Pie Donut. The yumminess of a donut on the outside, stuffed with a creamy pumpkin pie filling, and topped with frosting and graham crackers. Mmm. Honesty it’s a bit too sweet for my taste buds, so a quarter of one donut is plenty enough for me, but holy manoly it was good.

My absolute favorite thing we tried was the Pumpkin Bagel with cream cheese – how boring of me, I know – and unfortunately I devoured it before I remembered to take a picture. The pumpkin-ness was the perfect amount, and the bagel was toasted perfectly. Besides, you can load anything up with cream cheese and you’ll make me a happy girl.

In addition to these pumpkin items, we also tried the regular Pumpkin Donut and Pumpkin Munchkins (which I absolutely LOVE!) It’s a pumpkin cake-like donut with the glaze drizzled on it, giving it the perfect amount of sweetness for me without going overboard.


And let’s be honest, their pumpkin muffin was pretty mouth-watering as well.

Isn’t it just so pretty?

And of course, what’s a Dunkin Donut meetup without their coffee? They have many delicious Fall coffee flavors right now that we had the opportunity to try, including the Pumpkin White Chocolate Latte (yum!). My personal favorite, though, is Dunkin’s regular delicious coffee with two pumps of pumpkin flavoring. You can still taste the boldness of the coffee with a hint of pumpkin. Give it a shot!

And just because we were in pumpkin heaven doesn’t mean we neglected DD’s other breakfast menu items. Like their new Angus Steak Big N’ Toasted breakfast sandwich.

Doesn’t that make you hungry looking at it? The toast is cooked to perfection, and the egg/steak/cheese combo is perfection. Note: These sandwiches are HUGE! So starve yourself, then go try one for breakfast or lunch.

Wanna hear something else pretty awesome? DD now has an app! I know, who doesn’t, right? But THIS app has new offers posted each week that you can redeem straight from your phone. No clipping coupons necessary. Who doesn’t want free donuts and coffee, or to pay only a portion of the regular price? Do yourself a favor – be cool and download the app. It’s neato.

On a side note, how adorbs are these Halloween donuts?


The manager at one of the Jacksonville stores is pretty dang creative! You can custom order these in advance for parties or if you just feel like being festive. LOVE!

So now that you’re hungry, have a sweet tooth, or really need an afternoon coffee break, I will leave you with a few more pictures and say goodbye. Cheers!
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Disclaimer: I did receive complementary food and drinks from Dunkin Donuts during this meetup, but am not being compensated for my opinion. Also, I did not eat full-size portions of anything above. Do you think I’m an animal?! 🙂


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