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Ready for your mouth to water? I was challenged by Food Network’s Sunny Anderson to create delicious, wallet-friendly home-cooked meals that can be cooked in a hotel room. An excuse to cook? Count me in. It sounded a bit challenging, but Sunny’s Extended Stay America Away From Home Cooking cookbook made the challenge a breeze. The amazing chef has come up with 23 mouth-watering recipes that can be made in a hotel room utilizing eight ingredients or less and only the equipment found in every Extended Stay America hotel room, including a full-size fridge and freezer, two-burner stove top, microwave, toaster and coffee maker, plus cooking utensils, dishes and cutlery to create home-cooked meals on-the-go. I do a ton of traveling for work and pleasure, and know how expensive eating out or ordering room service can get. Why sacrifice a good meal while traveling when you can enjoy one without breaking the bank?

Everything in the cookbook sounds delicious. I mean, who would ever think about Triple Burger Chili, Pizza-Stuffed Potatoes, or Braised Short Ribs in a hotel room? Thankfully, Sunny has simplified these recipes and made them hotel room-friendly.

When flipping through the cookbook, the first thing that caught my eye was Sunny’s Easy Chicken Mac n’ Cheese. YUM, right?

Here’s everything you’ll need to create this cheesy meal:


Chicken, bell pepper, bacon, scallions, cheese, butter, salt, pepper, cream of chicken soup, a pot, and a colander.

The recipe actually calls for a red bell pepper, four slices of bacon and a rotisserie chicken, but I substituted them for similar items I already had in my fridge (an orange bell pepper, bacon bits and Tyson pre-cooked chicken breast strips) and it turned out great! I mean, look at all that cheesy-goodness.

Top it off with bacon bits and sliced scallions and you have some of the best mac n’ cheese you’ll ever have outside of your own kitchen!
Yes, it was as good as it looks. And it only took about 20 minutes to prepare! Click HERE for the full recipe.

After seeing just how delicious the mac n’ cheese was, I decided to make another recipe from Sunny’s cookbook the following night: her Philly Cheesesteak Rice Bowl.

For this recipe, you’ll need the following:


Stir-fry beef strips, seasoning salt, black pepper, garlic and onion powder, olive oil, sweet onion, bell pepper, flour, heavy cream, cheese, hot sauce, rice, tomato, and a frying pan.

My favorite thing about this recipe is that you can cook everything in the same pan. It took a bit longer to prepare than the mac n’ cheese, about 35 minutes, but it’s super easy and extremely tasty.

Like Sunny, I like my cheesesteak ‘wit’ (meaning with lots of cheese) and this recipe doesn’t lack that. I could just drink this cheese sauce!
And again, this recipe tasted as delicious as I’d hoped it would.
(FYI – hot sauce compliments this meal perfectly!)
For the full recipe, click HERE.

Ready to get to cooking yet? Great, because I have five of Sunny’s Away From Home Cooking cookbooks to give away! Just CLICK HERE for instructions on how to enter. I will email the five winners on December 31st. In the meantime, visit for these recipes and more.

Hopefully this will come in handy for some of you traveling over the holidays. Especially for those who spent all their money on gifts and can’t afford to eat out! Plan ahead and take the dry ingredients with you from home and pick up the fresh ingredients at a nearby grocery store before checking into your hotel. It’ll make life easier, lower your grocery bill, and impress your family.

Now, excuse me while I go make the Chocolate-Banana Pancakes with Strawberry-Chocolate Whipped Cream for breakfast.

Thank you Extended Stay America and Sunny Anderson for this delicious opportunity. I enjoyed sharing your recipes and learning more about what Extended Stay America has to offer. Now I’m actually looking forward to the next time I travel!

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