How to get a summer-ready pedi at home

Get your feetsies summer-ready with an at-home pedicure that’ll cost you a fraction of what you’d spend at a salon. I’m sharing some of my favorite products that will give your feet the TLC they need to make their 2015 beach debut.

summer pedi
Summa, summa, summatime!

Wait, is it seriously JUNE?! Where the heck as the year gone already? It was just Christmas … now it’s 90+ degrees and time for those beach and pool days? (Thannkkkkk goodness.)

I absolutely love summer and everything about it: sand between my toes, bleached blonde hair from the sun, all-day pool parties, long, hot days, and even the humidity (there’s something so “homey” about it to me.) The only annoying parts about summer are having to eat like a rabbit so you look at least halfway decent in a bikini, and keeping up with those pedicures. Rabbit food sucks and pedicures are expensive.

So to save money, time, the salon staff from having to beg me to get a design on my big tow, and my feet from a potential fungus, I’m all about giving myself at-home pedicures these days. Polish color options have never been an issue for me (I currently have 200+ different polishes – no joke), but I can never get my feet to have that same softness to them like the pros do. Until recently.

Enter Herbacin.

Herbacin is a family owned and operated German beauty company now offering its organic products in the US.

About Herbacin: The Herbacin® Foot Care line was designed to keep feet and legs in tip-top shape with superior moisturizing, soothing and cooling products. The entire line contains organic camomile blossom extract and naturally rich oils, such as avocado and almond oils. Additionally, the line is free of parabens, mineral oil, animal ingredients or by-products and synthetic colors.

Organic, small business, soft feet – sounds good to me! I was sent a few products to try for myself and, I must say, I’m hooked. I’ve been using the products for a month now and my feet have never been smoother and softer, even when I come straight from having a professional pedicure!

all in pic
I have been using the Foot Cream when I get out of the shower, and my feet are seriously baby-soft. The Cooling Gel gives your tootsies a nice little tingling sensation, and is the perfect “feet treat” after an intense workout at the gym or a night in heels. I don’t really have any peeling on my feet, but my hubby sure does and the Foot Peeling cream is his new BFF. It’s even helped his Athlete’s Foot! (Not making any claims here, just saying it’s helped him.) If you have any roughness or callusing on your feet, this stuff is made for you. Smooth feet without that scary scraper thing? Heck yeah!

Pair these lotions with a fun bright or pastel polish on the toes and you’re ready to take on the beach, one little piggy at a time! Some of my favorite spring-to-summer polishes for the toes are Maybelline’s Color Show Lust for Lilac, Essie’s mint candy apple, go glazed, and e-nuf is e-nuf, and Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel in Pink Cadillaquer and Pretty Piggy. (Pictured in that order.)

Wanna hear something cray cray? You can buy all three of the lotions and one of these nail polishes for under $30. That means you’d spend less that you would on a pedicure AND you get more than one out of it! I don’t know about you, but I’m all about saving some dough these days.

Lastly and most importantly: Don’t forget the sunscreen! You don’t want to fry those perfectly-pedicured feet of yours.

Oh! In case you’re wondering where you can get these super-fabulous foot creams, you can order online from Herbacin’s website, or pick them up at your local Harris Teeter or Anthropologie, or locate your nearest retailer here.

shoesHere’s to soft feet and pretty toes.
Cheers <3


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