Hello, my loves! I was thinking about you and how much I like you. I like, really like you. Like, I think I actually love you. So I think it’s time we take this relationship to the next level. I mean, don’t you? We’ve been together for six years, we talk several times a week and you know all about me me. My problem, though, is that I don’t really know YOU. You hear all about my weekends, my trips, my celebrations, you know my husband, family and friends, heck, you’ve even been in my bedroom! But I can’t say the same things about you. Which is why I want to take this to third base and really get things moving.

Let’s make this a two-sided relationship. What d’ya say? Time to take things just beyond this blog and onto other outlets. I’m all over the place and I’m sure many of you are, too. So if you’re on any of these social media platforms, follow me and leave your username for each in the comments below so I can follow you, too! I know we’re already BFFs and all, but I feel like we still have so much to learn about one another.

FullSizeRender[6] Snapchat: BlakeleyA | Be a part of my daily life. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s not. But my hubby usually does pretty entertaining things (like speaking in his own language or singing weirdo songs in the middle of the night), so you’re bound to at least crack a smile.
P.s. Did you know you could open up Snapchat and hold your camera over my ghost image above and it will automatically add me? Pretty nifty, huh?
Instagram: BlakeleyVinicky | I love snapping pictures and sharing all of my good finds and awesome times. I would love to see yours, too! Follow Me.

Periscope: BlakeleyVinicky | Live broadcasts of random things I do? Sure, why not. Let me know if you ever have any special requests!

Facebook: Sweet Tea & Skyscrapers | We all know what Facebook is. Like my Page so we can make it Facebook official!
Like Page.

YouTube: BlakeleyVinicky | Yeah yeah, I make videos on occasion these days. Beauty tutorials, Q&As with the hubby, vlogs of trips and experiences …
I’m not video producer or anything, but the content is usually a lot of fun to watch! Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss new videos, and if you’re super into this relationship and want to prove your love, feel free to go through and ‘like’ all of the ones that I’ve posted thus far. No judgement here (and I’ll make sure you’re on Santa’s Nice List).

Here’s to a long future together and our fairytale happily ever after. See ya on the flip side! #BlakeleysBFF



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