Registry Suggestions Needed!

It’s that time! Jimmy and I are going to register this week for our upcoming baby showers and, since we are first time parents, are slightly overwhelmed with everything out there. How do we know which is the best to select? A girl can only do so much research, ya know? As much as I’ve been around babies and kids my entire life, I’ve never had to make the final decision on which car seat or what kind of stroller to buy. So I need your help!

For all my mamas out there (or baby experts), would you mind sharing with me some of your favorite items or registry suggestions?Any “must haves” for a first-time mom? Any items you couldn’t live without? Any items you got or thought you needed but didn’t use? anything you regret buying? Anything you regret not getting? What did you use the most? At which places do you recommend registering? I have SO many questions!

So if you can help a sista out and share some of your thoughts, opinions and suggestions in the comments below, I would love you forever! Jimmy, baby girl and I thank you in advance <3.



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