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Say hello to the baby and kid jackpot. If you’re in the Jacksonville, FL area and have kids, this post is for you! Beginning tomorrow, October 5th, and running through Saturday, October 7th, WeeTrade’s Fall Consignment Event is taking place off of Atlantic Blvd., and I have an inside look into what you can expect to find, plus tips on how you can be prepared.

So what is WeeTrade? It is a pop-up style consignment event that takes place in Jacksonville twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Think of it as a giant, super-organized 600+ family garage sale with only name-brand items that are all in great condition and 50-90% off retail prices. And since there are so many people selling their items, there are multiples of almost everything. I was able to sneak in today to check out the sale during the volunteer shopping presale and was completely blown away. A friend told me about WeeTrade in January and I’d hoped to go to the Spring event to stock up, but my baby girl decided to come early and threw a wrench in that plan. I never expected it to be as neat as this, though! (You can visit their website for more specific details … but keep reading first!)

What do they have for sale? Pretty much everything! Strollers and high chairs, nursery/bedroom furniture and decor, holiday outfits and Halloween costumes, clothes and shoes (including lots of smoked outfits) size newborn to 16 (+ select brands for juniors and adults), bikes and wagons, books and games … the list goes on and on. They even have several of the popular big-ticket baby items, including Mamaroos, Rock N Plays and joggers. Most items are gently used, but I did see some things still in the original packaging or with tags still on, and there are a few vendors with all-new items as well. The whole setup is super organized – I was honestly so surprised!
Who should go? I would say anyone with children under the age of 15, anyone who is expecting, any grandparents, aunts or uncles who want to spoil those kiddos, anyone stocking up on Christmas gifts, or anyone who likes to save money. If you have a baby or a baby on the way, this is the perfect place to get the items that your baby really will only use for a few months.
How does it work? Each item is ticketed with a bar code, item description and price. The smaller items you can just grab, and the larger items have pink tickets attached to the price tag. If there’s a pink ticket attached, it means the item is still for sale. If you would like to purchase that item, you tear off the pink ticket and take it with you to the front at checkout and you will get the item on your way out. There were only a couple dozen people there today since it was a private pre-sale, but I imagine it will be a little crazier over the next few days.
How to prepare:
1. Take reusable shopping bags! Being a WeeTrade rookie, this idea never crossed my mind. You’ll definitely want a way to carry your items while you shop, so take quite a few (large ones if you have them). I even saw one woman pulling around a laundry basket on wheels full of stuff!
2. Take a pen. You may need to write your name on tags if you want to purchase them, so be prepared.
3. Shop the “hot items” or items you really want/need first. While there are several of most items, there are only a few of others, and maybe only one of a certain brand/style that you want. If you know you want a B.O.B. jogging stroller, hit up the strollers (all the way to the far left) first. If you want a bike, go there first (far right). If you want an Elsa or Poppy Halloween costume, head straight back down the middle. The perfect crib – back right.
4. Go in a spacious car, if possible. Everything is set up and put together, so unless you want to take things apart just to put them back together, you’re going to need a way to get them home. Thank goodness for my Escape to get my high chair home! I think you can probably come back and pick up the really big items after you’ve purchased them if necessary.
5. Go early. Once items are sold, they’re gone. I’m sure there will always be things to buy, but if there’s something you really have your heart set on, go as early as possible for your best chances at getting it.
6. Have patience. The event is staffed by volunteers, there is A LOT of stuff, and there will be a lot of people. Go with patience and keep it with you while shopping. This is supposed to be fun!

I’ll be honest, I was not really into the whole used baby stuff thing … until I had my own child and realized how little the stuff actually gets used. We spent so much money on swings, bouncers, carriers, strollers etc. that when looking back I wish I’d been able to come to this first! Today I picked up a Graco high chair, one of those super cute inflatable duck bath tubs, a smocked Christmas dress and a walker toy (that my baby LOVES!) for under $50. And everything looks brand new! One lady in front of me got 18 items for $121, and other purchased four IKEA-sized shopping totes full and a few large items for $220!

The owner told me she started this concept in her driveway 16 years ago and it’s grown to this. How cool! Are you planning on attending WeeTrade? Have you been in the past? Ask your questions or share your tips in the comments! And if you do go, let me know if you score any great finds!

 Thanks for having me, WeeTrade! I’m already looking forward to February’s event so I can stock up on toddler goods :).


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