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Happy Monday, friends! I kind of love Monday today, which isn’t something you hear too often. Mondays are typically associated with being the beginning of a new work week, the end of the weekend, being exhausted, and counting down the days until Friday. But not today! This Monday, I am energized, happy, looking forward to the rest of the week, and sore AF. All thanks to finally getting my booty back in the gym.

If you’ve been following me here for a while, you might remember me working with a personal trainer before getting pregnant. I was getting my butt kicked 3+ days a week and was in the best shape I’d been in since high school (when I had like 5% body fat 🙄). I had a little scare after one of my sessions during my first few weeks of pregnancy, which freaked me out enough to stop exercising altogether. I did a workout video at home or went for a brisk walk here and there, but I was too nervous to do much else. Then baby came along, and with that came exhaustion, giant and sore milk boobs, zero spare time, and a body that I loved because of what it gave me but one I no longer recognized.

Daisy is now a year old and her schedule is finally much more predictable, but it’s been so hard finding the time, energy and motivation to leave the house to go to the gym or attend a class. Again, I’ll do a few small workouts on my own here and there, but nothing consistent. Money is also pretty tight these days (because babies are basically body-stealing, money-sucking, energy-snatching little bundles of joy), so working with a personal trainer again is out of the question for now. Truth is I really enjoy exercising, and it’s been a tough thing for me to sacrifice. It’s always a struggle to get motivated to start, but once I’m in action I love it, and I the way I feel after a good workout is euphoric. And when I exercise I tend to eat well, which is a double bonus.

So when Everbalance contacted me about partnering with them I was ecstatic!

Everbalance is a boutique studio here in Jacksonville that focuses on health and wellness for the body and mind. It’s not a “hipster” or “granola” yoga studio that some people instantly think of (though there’s nothing wrong with that!), but a beautiful, relaxing, happy place that invites you to leave your worries at the door and come in for an hour of joy with other like-minded folks. The atmosphere is welcoming and I just love the chic decor. The staff is incredibly friendly, and everyone in the class was so positive and upbeat. And the instructor and the regulars (you can tell who they are) have banging bodies, which is motivation in itself!

The studio offers a variety of group fitness classes, including mat pilates, reformer pilates, yoga and barre – all for beginner up to advanced skill levels. You can see a full description of the classes here.

I’ve only attended one class so far (Barre Fusion Saturday morning with Tetyana which was amazing), but everyone was seriously so nice. I never once felt judged or out of place, even though I’m sure I looked pretty awkward through half of the class. The workout itself was challenging, but not impossible.

In all honesty, I was nervous going into the class. Having not worked out in a year-and-a-half and not knowing how my new “mom bod” would perform was intimidating! But I’m very proud of myself for pushing through and not dying, and coming out feeling great about my performance and myself. The biggest struggle was finding a sports bra that fits me at this moment … not exactly a breastfeeding mom’s best friend. (I had to squeeze the girls into the best option which made for some pretty banging cleavage and a limited breathing range from the tightly-clasped hook, but the three of us persevered! Going shopping for a comfy and size giant sports bra today. If you have any recommendations I will gladly accept them!)

I also mentioned to my friend Sarah that I was going, and at the drop of a hat she signed up for a month and joined me! It’s always fun to have a workout buddy and accountability partner. And, small world, during the class two girls came up to me and said they recognized me from my blog and Instagram, which totally made my day (and they were so nice to take a picture with me after the class when we were all sweaty and gross)!

It’s been two days since the class and I am STILL sore, and I can’t wait to go again tomorrow (at 6 a.m. – Lord help me now). If you live in Jax and are looking for a gym to join, classes to start, or a way to get in shape while loving the journey there, I highly recommend checkout out Everbalance and trying one of their classes!

I am so excited to continue at Everbalance for the next month and see what progress I can make! I am going to the Mandarin location, but they have a studio in San Marco as well if that’s more convenient for you. The classes are absolutely perfect for anyone starting out and/or wanting to tone up, burn fat and increase flexibility. I’ll be going 3-4 times a week – come take a class with me! Follow me on Instagram to know when and what class I’ll be heading to, and be sure to list me as your reference if you do attend a class. I’d love to see you there!

I’ll share another update at the end of my first month – stay tuned!

See the class schedule here: Mandarin location | San Marco location.

A little more about Everbalance:

  • Everbalance Yoga, Barre, Pilates is a calm, peaceful refuge with instructors who strive to improve clients physical, spiritual and emotional strength.
  • The classes are low impact, and they strengthen and tone muscles without impact on bones and joints. They are all very different, so definitely try many classes.
  • Unlike a studio with just one type of class, Everbalance Mandarin offers them all under one roof. They also offer Reformer Pilates and the San Marco studio will solely feature Reformer.
  • Everbalance was founded by Tetyana Boyeva (31), nationally-renowned Yoga, Barre and Pilates instructor, four years ago. Born and raised in Ukraine, Tetyana is a former dancer. She graduated from Kiev International University, Ukraine and began teaching Pilates during her time there. After teaching at multiple studios across the country, Tetyana completed her 200 Hour RYT for yoga, 100 Hour Power Vinyasa and Kettlebells certifications. She is also certified in Pilates Mat I & II, Reformer Pilates 1 & 2 & 3 and Pilates Chair. Boyeva is a Barre Master Trainer through the American Council of Exercise (ACE).

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