Easy Chunky Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

Hi friends! I just posted a new video to my YouTube channel and didn’t want you to miss it! It’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to create this chunky side fishtail braid. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel while you’re there – lost more videos coming your way. Hope you enjoy!


At-Home Movie Night Tips + Movie Ideas

Y’all, I did the craziest thing on Monday. I saw a movie. At the theater. During the day! Crazy, right?! Having a toddler makes going to the movie theater pretty tough, and I typically dedicate my days off to housework and running errands. This time, though, I decided to take a little time for myself and go see a movie…


Mom + Me Dresses | What We Wore for Daisy’s Birthday!

I have one very important question: how the heck is my baby girl already TWO?! Time really does fly by when you become a parent, that’s for sure. Thank goodness for this blog of mine so I can document everything and come back to reference it any time I want. Whew! So yeah, my little Daisy girl turned two this…


Lash Lift + Tint (everything you want to know)

Let’s talk lashes, shall we? If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while you probably know that I’m a frequent visitor of LASH Jax, a salon here in town. They opened early last year and offer a variety of eyelash and brow services, facials, permanent makeup application, waxing and more. It’s absolutely beautiful inside, the staff is incredible…


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