Tuesday Movieday

Growing up, my family had a “movie night” at least once a week. We would either rent a movie (remember when you could actually walk into your local video rental store, browse movies and pick out the one you wanted to watch?) and have an appetizer picnic in the living room, or we would go to the movie theater, enjoy…


13 Dresses: Part 2

(This post is long overdue – forgive my tardiness.) Do yourself a favor and press “play” below and listen to the song while you read this post. A) It’s a great rendition of the all-time classic. B) You’ll understand later in this post. (Disregard the video … it’s the only one I could find.) 12 weddings in a year-and-a-half. Crazy,…


Recipe: Country Apple Dumplings

I was looking up a recipe for Eggs Benedict on allrecipes.com when I saw the word “dumplings” on the side of my screen. Now, keep in mind that I am from Savannah, GA. Anything that includes the word “dumplings” (or dimplins, as I say) in the title or recipe, I am going to love. The recipe was for something called…


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