Stripes + Bright Colors

Give me alllll the bright colors! I’ve always been a fan of colorful things, and clothes are no exception. Which makes me in fashion heaven right now considering bright colors are all the rage! Especially hot pinks, bright fuchsias, yellows and turquoises … my favs! Stripes are also very in right now, so why not combine the two? I recently…


Twirly Dresses Under $60

Hi. My name is Blakeley and I’m addicted to dresses. Flowy, twirly, colorful dresses to be exact. There’s just something about them that make you feel like a lady, know what I mean? No? Cool. Maybe you will after this post. I always get compliments on my dresses, but that’s basically all I wear these days. I hate my legs…


IV Hydration Treatment at Pure Hydration

Y’all, I did something insane. Something I thought I would NEVER do. I got stuck with a needle by choice! I know … I’m crazy. But I like to say I’ll try [almost] anything once, otherwise how are you supposed to know if you like it or not? That’s the only way to make a fair decision about things, and…


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