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You may or may not know that I am addicted to Pinterest. And, let’s be honest, what girl isn’t right now? I mean, I am not even engaged yet and I have my entire wedding planned. I don’t want babies for at LEAST another 8 years or so and I already have my nursery decor picked out. I have a “Pinterest To-Do” list taped on my fridge and a “crafting” shopping list next to it. I have an entire wishlist of clothing and accessories I know I can never afford. And there aren’t enough days in a year to make all of the recipes I want to try. But, nonetheless, I continue and will continue to pin away.

Well – the other night I was searching through my “Food” board to find something to bake for a party I was heading to that night. (Because nothing I’ve made before or could pull from a cookbook was good enough. It apparently now has to come from Pinterest.) After searching through my recipes (on my iPhone app), I finally decided to make Peach Cupcakes.

My homemade Peach Cupcakes (pg 9)

(And they were ah-mazing!) I determined the next day, I would sort through all of my pinned recipes, print out several of them and keep them in a folder, so next time I needed something in a hurry I wouldn’t have to search through all of my pins. (A no-brainer, right?!) But then … yes, this is where it gets better …. then, I figured if I want to have a few delicious recipes at hand, wouldn’t other people as well? So, here we are.

I went through and selected a variety of 26 recipes, some I have made, some I haven’t, and compiled a Pinterest Cookbook (download below). Nothing too fancy. Just the recipe and a photo of the finished product. I did try to give credit to the original pinner, but for some reason couldn’t find them for a few pinned recipes. My apologies.

I printed the recipes, created a cover page, found an unused 1/2″ binder, labeled the side and … voila! I have my very own Pinterest Cookbook! I know, I know. It’s nothing fancy or too exciting. But I did make it available for download to share with any fellow-pinners that would like a copy of it!

The cookbook includes recipes for drinks, appetizers, party foods, side dishes, entrees and, of course, desserts (my favorite to make.)  I added a few personal notes in some of the recipes – things I did differently that seemed to work and taste possibly better.

I do plan to try all of the recipes in this book, which I’m sure I will blog about eventually. If you have any super-amazing recipes I did not include, PLEASE share them with me! I will be making a Volume 2 (hopefully more) soon enough. Also, if you are a baker or food-lover like me and pin yummy recipes, post a link to your pinterest site so I can follow you!

Download a free copy of my Pinterest Cookbook here: Pinterest Cookbook

  My plain and simple cookbook.

 A note from myself, to you! 🙂

 Cheap and simple.

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