I’ll preface this post by saying: Don’t worry … I’m not going to spoil the movie or drop any hints.

Last night, Jimmy and I had the opportunity to attend a special sneak preview of The Amazing Spider-Man (because 95.1 WAPE rocks my world and hooked me up on Twitter – thank you!) We weren’t too thrilled about having to drive from South Side to Orange Park at the tail end of rush hour, but we sucked it up and headed to the AMC Orange Park 24. Since we both love movies so much and have been pumped to see this flick, the traffic and terrible Jacksonville drivers that use their left turn signal when they’re really turning right didn’t annoy us too much. We arrived at the theater to discover that the movie was being shown in IMAX 3D. How did we not know this? AWESOME!

Growing up, I wasn’t much for action and super hero movies. My dad and two brothers loved them, but getting me to sit through an entire one was pretty much impossible. Not sure when that changed, but now I feel like the kid who would wear the themed T-shirt to the premier of the newest comic-based movie. I really enjoy them!

Let me just go ahead and say that the movie blew me away, from start to finish. The graphics were just unbelievable! Have you ever been to Universal Studios? You know how Terminator and other 3D attractions have unbelievable effects, and you feel like you can grab objects that look like they’re coming out of the screen? Well, that’s how 3D is supposed to be, but most movies struggle with that and aren’t worth the extra money at the box office. Not this one. Each time Spider-Man shot webbing, I thought it was going to stick to me. On top of that, this movie made me realize I have a fear of hights. Remind me to never climb up the side of a skyscraper or jump off a bridge. The only things missing were the vibrating seats and misters during the water scenes!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man … just didn’t know if he’d be able to live up to the part. He fooled me. I was very surprised by his performance and I actually really enjoyed him in the role! And of course, you can’t go wrong with Emma Stone. She is just brilliant, in my opinion.

There were times I wanted to cry, times I laughed, times I thought I could do backflips and take on a 5-ton lizard-person, and times I feared for Spider-Man’s life. (Not sure why … he’s obviously around for several squeals, since this was about to be how it all began.) I love movies that can have you so involved like that, and leave you feeling like you actually have some sort of connection with the characters.

Jimmy pointed out that the director’s last name was Webb (Marc Webb), which I thought was pretty humorous. I guess he was meant to direct this movie!

So, if you’re hesitant about spending the money on seeing this movie in theaters, suck it up and do it. It’s worth every penny. I’d pay to do it all over again! (In fact, $20 says I will.) But if  you’re going to see it, you MUST go all the way and see it in IMAX 3D. There is no other way. And get there early so you can pick a great seat!


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