Getting motivated is always tough. Staying motivated can be even more challenging. Continuing to be motivated on the weekends? … Well, that’s next to impossible!
Eating right, working out and saying “no” are some of the biggest obstacles I have faced in a while, but I am determined to see this through and find the me that makes me happy. You know what they say: “Nothing good comes for free.”
So if you’re trying to motivate yourself to live a better lifestyle, to start working out, you’re having trouble staying motivated, or just need a little push to help get you through the weekend without giving in, this one’s for you. Print these out. Hang them on your wall. Frame them inย  your office. Write these messages on your bathroom mirror. Whatever it takes – YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Posted by:Blakeley

2 replies on “Weekend Motivation

  1. Yes!! Love these! My favorite is the orange couch one. I’ve posted that one to fb before. I also love “Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body”

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