Two months ago, I began a new chapter of my life and started a new job with an ad agency, managing the PR and social media for the Southern Ford Dealers, as well as further leveraging existing sponsorships. I knew it would be a great opportunity and come with nice perks, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be spending a day “at work” at LEGOLAND Florida!

Before I started this job, I had never even heard of LEGOLAND. When I learned that the Southern Ford Dealers had a partnership with them and began learning more about the park, I pictured it as a small, almost cheesy, kiddie park. Well, my recent visit to Winter Haven, FL proved me completely WRONG. The place is AWESOME! Just shy of nine months old, LEGOLAND Florida is 150 acres of family fun, with over 50 rides, interactive displays and activities tucked away where the former Cypress Gardens once sat. The rides and activities are geared more toward children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old, but that didn’t stop me (or any other adult there) from being in awe the entire time. Every single display, every animal and every statue is completely made of LEGOs. Need a visual? Check out these photos of Miniland USA. These are actual, true-to-scale reproductions of some of the US’s most popular cities, composed 100% of LEGOs!

New York City

The White House. Do you see the Obama’s?!

Pretty awesome, huh? Wait until you see the animals….

Yes, the entire elephant is made up of LEGOs!

You can also find alligators, giraffes, birds and much more. Descriptions and these photos don’t even do justice!

One of the favorite attractions, however, is the Ford Driving School (pretty convenient for us, right?!), which features bumper-style cars that children can drive. After watching a video giving the “rules of the road”, children have the opportunity to drive their Ford cars through a simulated street scene, complete with traffic lights and stop signs. Participants can even take home their own Ford Driver’s License as a souvenir.

Learning the “rules of the road.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, but parents, you don’t get to drive. But that’s what the real thing is for, right?

Had to throw in a shameless photo of the all-new 2013 Ford Escape I checked out before heading into the park. I. Am. In. LOVE. You should totally get one.

And right outside of the Ford Driving School is this bad boy.

A true-to-scale Ford Explorer reinvented and built completely out of LEGO bricks. 382,858 to be exact, weighing in at 2,654 pounds. Check out this freaking amazing time-lapse video of it being constructed. It blows my mind every time I watch it!

There is so much more to see and do at the park that would take me days to write about, including the live shows, killer water park, build and test station and oh-so-much more. The lines aren’t long, there is plenty of shade, restaurants and shops are abundant and admission is extremely reasonable. What more could you ask for in a family outing?

Which is why the Southern Ford Dealers want to send YOU there for FREE! Register on the SFD Facebook Page to win a pair of tickets to LEGOLAND Florida. One winner will be selected at random on Thursday, July 19 at 5 p.m. ET.

The tickets are good through the end of the year. CLICK HERE to enter – it only takes a minute!

Be sure to check out additional photos of my visit to the park below. Good luck, and have fun!

Note: This blog post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by LEGOLAND Florida, Ford Motor Company or the Southern Ford Dealers. This is a personal blog with my own personal onions.


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