Productivity, here I come!

So our office is closed this Friday (woohoo!) and I am ready for a productive day of the three C’s: Crafting, cleaning and cooking. We are having friends over on Sunday and my mom and step dad are coming to stay with us for Thanksgiving, so I want our place to be in tip-top shape! I’m sure they could probably care less about what my apartment looks like, but having them all coming over is giving me the deadline and motivation I need to accomplish the things I’ve been wanting to do for months. (i.e. Transform my guest room from a storage unit to an actual bedroom.)

So my “to do” list consists of the following:

  • Clean the carpets (Thanks a lot, Ozzie and Lexie.)
  • Decorate for the holidays (I am completely bypassing the Thanksgiving decor this year and heading straight for Christmas. The season just goes by way too fast!)
  • Guest room (Transfer boxes to garage and make the bed visible again!)
  • Bathrooms (Ugh, I hate this chore.)
  • Grocery shopping (We are having Friendsgiving on Sunday .. need to hit the store fo sho!)
  • Cooking (I’ve had the urge to bake all week and haven’t had a chance. This is happening.)
  • Craft night (My friend Amanda is coming over for a night of craftiness! My project list includes pillow covers, a cork board and two paintings. We’ll see how many I can knock out…)

Jimmy thinks I’m crazy for spending my day off doing more “work.” But honestly, I have a hard time sitting around doing nothing when I know there’s so much I want to do! Now let’s just hope I can get all (or at least most) of this done …

Wish me luck!



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    • Blakeley
      November 19, 2012 / 9:15 am

      Thanks! It was wonderful. Now to get back into “work mode” …..

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