Bluemercury Spring Makeover Parties

Bluemercury Spring Makeover Parties

Calling all makeup lovers! Bluemercury is about to rock your world. They’re hosting FREE Spring Makeover Parties and you’re invited! Is your world rocked yet? It gets better … keep reading.

bobbi 2

Bluemercury Town Center location in Jacksonville, FL

The Bobbi Brown makeover event was this past weekend and it was fantastic. And in case you missed it, I’m here to fill you in on what I learned.
But for now, go ahead and whip out that day planner and hot pink gel pen and write in these dates so you don’t miss another fabulous party:
Thursday, April 24 – Saturday, April 26, 2014: Trish McEvoy
Saturday, May 31, 2014: NARS
(Space is limited and lessons are by appointment only, so go ahead and call to reserve your spot. To make an appointment at the Jacksonville Town Center location, call (904) 565-0003. *Note: These dates are for the Jacksonville Bluemercury location. If you’re not in Jacksonville, click here to locate an event near you.)
bobbi 10
Got it? Good.
Now that you have the dates in your calendar, let me tell you what’s going on. Bluemercury, a fabulous makeup, skin care and spa destination that carries over 90 high-end luxury brands, is giving us the opportunity to meet the experts, try the products, and learn tips and tricks from the best. It’s not a sales pitch at all. It really is just a fantastic opportunity to visit the store, introduce yourself to brands you may not have tried before, and just enjoy being girly with like-minded ladies.

bobbi 11

Complementary mimosas. Enough said.

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 4.38.21 PM

My #MarchMakeover selfie from the contest they were running.

So, what can you expect?
Last Thursday, I met with Bobbi Brown makeup artist Sherry at Bluemercury in Jacksonville and had a blast! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the master class with Bobbi Brown expert artist Rogelio Reyn the following evening, but Sherry was extremely helpful and the girls at the store were so much fun. Not to mention I learned a LOT!

bobbi 1

Look at all the fun toys!

Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVE makeup. I love to put it on myself or on other people; I love to transform a blank canvas into a work of art (well, try to); I love to experiment with a variety of products to create new looks every day. I grew up playing in my mom’s makeup collection (she sold Mary Kay and Artistry for a good chunk of my childhood), and have had a passion for it ever since. I am by no means an expert, but I know my way around an eyeshadow pallet and a good blender brush.


Oh, just some brushes.


Some of my (very unorganized at the moment) makeup collection.

I watch YouTube tutorials, read the magazines, follow blogs, yada yada. So you can imagine that I thought I knew a lot about makeup. Well let me tell ya – Sherry taught me tricks that I’ve never heard anyone mention in those things! Yes, ’tis true. She was fabulous.

First of all, Bobbi doesn’t like to call them “makeovers,” she likes to call them “makeup lessons.” She believes that no woman needs to be made over, just given the correct tools or skills to give herself the confidence she needs, which I think is wonderful. She’s all about teaching instead of doing. After all, shouldn’t every woman know the basics of applying makeup? I think so.

bobbi 8

Bobbi encourages everyone to look in the mirror during their makeup lesson so you can see exactly what the makeup artist is showing you.

First, Sherry asked me to describe my skin, any areas of concern, and what I wanted to learn the most that day. After explaining that I get a bit oily in the T-zone, have a little redness on my cheeks and occasional breakouts that I’m self-conscious about (thank you, skin, for freaking out on me the moment I reached my mid-twenties), and that I wanted to learn how to get flawless skin, she suggested we go with the “Secret to Perfect Skin” lessen this time. She pulled all products necessary to meet my needs and explained them all in detail, sharing the benefits of each. Something I really found interesting was learning that all of Bobbi’s skin care products are made to work with your makeup. She thinks everything should work together so you’re not wasting time, steps, or using pointless products on your face.

bobbi 14

I LOVED the gel liner she used on me!

Over the course of an hour, Sherry walked me through the entire process of her suggested “day-to-night” look for me, teaching me how to recreate the look every step of the way. We used products that I’ve never tried, I learned tricks that I never knew about, and learned Bobbi’s recommended order of application. It was so interesting and so much fun! I’ll go into more detail on everything I learned in a follow-up post dedicated solely to my Bobbi Brown makeup lesson, so stay tuned :).

bobbi 15

Sherry listed all of the products she used on my face and the order in which to apply.

I must say, I’ve walked by Bluemercury dozens of times, and (with the exception of popping in for some super-awesome “beach hair” product that Jimmy wanted me to try), I have never stopped in to check out what all they have to offer. It really is a cool place with excellent products and a super-friendly staff. I felt like we were BFFs with them by the end of our session!

bobbi 20

My friend Ashley and myself with our makeup artists.

So if you get the chance, whether it’s in Jacksonville or another city, I highly urge you to stop by for a Spring Makeover. You might learn a new technique or discover a new favorite product (I did … both)!

bobbi 17

My before and after picture.


Ashley’s before and after picture.

Have you attended any of these Spring Makeover parties? If so, what’s your favorite thing you’ve learned so far? I look forward to hearing and sharing makeup tips!

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