Cinco de Mayo Celebration (recipes + more!)

cincoHappy Cinco de Mayo! Another holiday calls for another theme night, and therefore, another themed blog post. You know I love anything holiday-related. Give me an excuse to dress up, entertain, cook, play loud music, or make cocktails and you know I’m in!

The same goes for my mom (what can I say? I get it honest), which is why we just had to throw a pre-Cinco de Mayo party over the weekend! After all, you can’t really celebrate 100% when a holiday falls on a Monday and you don’t have the next day off work. So we decided to celebrate early! And we had so much fun and so many good eats that I just had to share (along with recipes for some of the most popular items at the party).

 photo IMG_2922_zps8a7ae062.jpg

Me and my beautiful mom.

When our guests first arrived for the party, they could grab colorful accessories and their very own party ‘stache. (Because what’s a Cinco party without a mustache?)
 photo IMG_2894_zpsa0e4d4bf.jpg
 photo IMG_2896_zps1c10b654.jpgAs they made their way through the house, we had a plethora of snacks waiting to be eaten: 7-layer Mexican dip, queso, homemade guacamole, a variety of chips and salsa, mini tacos, taquitos, a veggie platter …
 photo IMG_2905_zpsf8935b00.jpg
 photo IMG_2918_zps5fa07e8c.jpg

… the most amazing spinach dip (compliments of mom’s friend Sally) …
 photo IMG_2906_zpseb3e66a1.jpg… and, I’m not sure if you’re ready for this, the best brownies in the world. Seriously – I have discovered the most AMAZING brownie recipe in the history of brownies. They are delicious, scrumptious, phenomenal, incredible …. I don’t think there is a proper adjective to describe them. (recipe below)
They are perfectly moist and fudgy, and have a nice subtle kick to them. And they didn’t last long at all.

After passing through the kitchen, guests could make their way to the backyard where we had plenty of seating …
 photo IMG_2911_zps0cf6aa24.jpg…. a margarita bar, complete with beer (for those who weren’t tequila drinkers) …
 photo IMG_2908_zps7b0c6e7b.jpg… a large margarita pitcher that we’d made that afternoon …
 photo IMG_2909_zps0bad0b94.jpg
… all the fixin’s …  photo IMG_2910_zps92ad011a.jpg… and colorful frozen margarita glasses. (These came from the Dollar Tree. Score!)
 photo IMG_2983_zps44454ebb.jpgBut if a regular margarita didn’t do it, I had a few gourmet margarita recipes up my sleeve the I was excited to try out.

I’ve recently developed a Mezcal obsession (a smoky, semi-spicy tequila) and wanted to try it out in a few new margarita recipes. I personally loved the Smoky Mezcalita! It’s not super sweet, and it’s a great way to really taste the tequila. (recipe below)
mezcalitaIf you’re more of a fan of sweeter margaritas, the Pineapple-Orange Margarita is yummy! I would suggest sticking with regular tequila for this one. (recipe below)

And of course, we had music pumping throughout the house … and had a mustache photo shoot …
 photo IMG_2948_zps1252f382.jpg photo IMG_2940_zpsb1fb0ffa.jpg
 photo IMG_2935_zps2884299b.jpgWho dared George, my step dad, to eat the worm in the bottom of the bottle of Mezcal, by the way?
 photo IMG_2965_zps5605788f.jpg
 photo IMG_2969_zpsef823669.jpg
See the worm going into his mouth? EW! We even got it on video, if you want to feel like you were part of the action.

It was the perfect and hilarious (and most disgusting) way to end the night. We had so much fun, and appreciate all of the fabulous people who made it out.

If you’re having your own Cinco de Mayo celebration, I hope you have as much fun as we did. And if you try any of these recipes, please let me know what you think!

Best-Ever Mexican Brownies
(adapted from
Click to make it larger.
 photo brownierecipe_zps5cd8c254.jpg
Smokey Mezcalita Recipe

(adapted from
Click to make it larger.
 photo mezcalrecipe_zps4e4e0dc0.jpgPineapple-Orange Margarita
(adapted from
Click to make it larger.
 photo pineapplerecipe_zpsdd9dc146.jpgOh, and p.s. If you’re wondering what to do with all of your leftover decorations and party favors, leave them out for your nieces to find the next morning. They will think it’s Christmas morning all over again! 🙂
 photo IMG_3005_zpsef99405f.jpg
 photo IMG_3006_zpsd053de1a.jpg
 photo IMG_2996_zps84cb0d72.jpg







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