12 Lipstick Shades Every Girl Should Own

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I know what you’re thinking: Do I really need to own 12 shades of lipstick? And the answer is YES. Yes, you do. At least 12. Especially these 12 because they are all fabulous. (Okay, fine. You don’t have to own twelve, but I would definitely recommend picking a few from this list, at least.)  I’ll admit, I do have a bit of an obsession. (Seriously, I have nine different lip products in my purse right now.) Andddd my friend and I frequently have lipstick lunches (you know, a trip to the beauty store on our lunch break to stock up on new shades.)
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But it’s okay, because lipstick is kind of like shoes. No matter what kind of day you’re having, no matter how fat or skinny you feel, lipstick always looks great and can totally make any outfit 10x more exciting. Which is why it is A-okay in my book to splurge on a twenty-something dollar tube of it. Just think how many wears you get out of that one credit card swipe!

I, like many women, adore MAC lipstick. They are just so on-point with their shades and textures that spending $16+ on one tube doesn’t even make me think twice. I have, though, started stepping outside of my comfort zone and have been trying other brands as well. So, without further ado, here are my 12 [current] shades of lipstick that I rotate on a regular basis.

(P.s. I even took all kinds of weird pictures of my lips in the same lighting just so you can see what each color truly looks like. Thoughtful, right?)

1. MAC Lustre ‘Snapdragon’: This is the perfect pink for all skin tones, all seasons, and all occasions. It has a hint of purple, a tiny bit of shimmer and is the perfect combination of sheer meets color.
2. Wet N Wild ‘Stoplight Red’
: This is a fabulous bright red with a small price tag. The color goes on nice and smooth, and lasts all day. (Unless you’re wearing it when you get engaged … then it will last on him all day! Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…)

3. MAC Lustre ‘Cockney’: Another fabulous red, perfect for the holidays. It’s a bit of a deeper red but still brighter than a cranberry red. Semi-glossy, semi-shimmery, and completely beautiful. I ALWAYS get complements when I wear this shade!
4. MAC Matte ‘Please Me’
: A perfect pinkish-nude that is perfect for a flawless day-to-night look. This was the first shade of MAC lipstick that I ever owned, and I can’t imagine my makeup collection without it. I don’t know what I’ll do if they ever discontinue it!

5. MAC Retro Matte ‘Relentlessly Red’: Feeling sassy? This hot pink shade has a tint of orange and is perfect for those hot summer days. Trust me, you’re going to have a good time no matter what you’re doing as long as you’re wearing this color.
6. MAC Frost ‘Costa Chic’
: A beautiful, pearl-like coral shade that will live in your purse all Spring and Summer. It’s a great color for every skin tone, and will complement any look and style.
7. Wet N Wild ‘521A Fuchsia with Blue Pearl’
: Just like it sounds, this shade is a beautiful, glossy fuchsia with shimmery blue hues. Rock it in those summer months with your bronzed skin!
8. MAC Satin ‘Twig’
: This is another one of those perfect colors that you’ll never want to run out of. It’s the perfect mauve/berry color that can be worn with casual makeup during the day, or dramatic smokey eyes at night.
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9. Rimmel London ‘Rossetto 14′: From their Lasting Finish by Kate collection. If you’re going for an “I’m not wearing any makeup” look, or just want to keep it simple, this is a great color. It also looks fab when paired with super smokey eyes!
10. Wet N Wild ‘Dollhouse Pink’: This Barbie-pink matte is my new fave. Coincidentally, it’s also Jimmy’s favorite of all the lipsticks that I wear, so it’s a double-win! It goes on creamy and lasts for hours. (Warning: You may be singing Barbie Girl in your head all day when you wear it.)

11. Bare Minerals ‘Moxie Get Ready’: I loooove this lipstick. The shade is perfect for every occasion, and the formula is incredible. Your lips will stay hydrated all day while looking like you just jumped in a swimming pool. I love the wet, glossy look of this lipstick!

12. MAC Amplified ‘Girl About Town’: Another of my all-time favorites and go-to shades. It looks amazing on everyone I’ve seen it on, and is definitely a head-turner. How could a color this fabulous not be?

So, there you have it! My 12 favorite [current] lipstick shades. Did I mention any of your favorites? If not, what are some of yours? Any I should try? I mean, I’m always down to add to my collection … 😉

With that, I will leave you with a silly little collage of pictures from days when my lipstick made me feel so great, I felt it called for a selfie. (And so you can see what some of the colors look like on, duh!) The shades I am wearing are listed on each picture.
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  1. March 25, 2015 / 2:37 pm

    I love this! You should make a tutorial about how to get the lipstick on so perfectly. It’s always a challenge!

    • Blakeley
      April 2, 2015 / 10:55 am

      I can do that!! I do have a few little tricks 🙂 Great idea, lady!

    • Blakeley
      June 5, 2014 / 4:03 pm

      Me too! I think we’re due for another one 🙂

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