Sweating for the wedding: The start of my fitness journey


If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably seen a gazillion gym-related posts over the past few months (because, let’s face it, I post everything online). I decided I need to get back in shape, and what better time to do it than the year I am getting married, right? I mean … I have five years of relationship happiness, six years of life at a desk job, and ten years of a post-high school lifestyle to erase from the scale.
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So after months of begging me to join her at her gym, my friend Morgan finally convinced me to schedule a session with her personal trainer. I’ve tried personal trainers in the past and just didn’t really care for it, so I wasn’t too thrilled, but figured it was time to stop making excuses. One step into Peak Physiques and one training session with Treasure later, I was hooked. Here I am, four months later, still going twice a week and still loving it as much as I did that first day.
photo 2[2]
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The gym itself is like no other gym I’ve been to. It’s more of a boutique-style gym, if you will, only available to members who work with their personal trainers or attend their classes (they offer TRX, barre, yoga, boot camp, lunch crunch, and more. And no, you don’t have to train to take their classes, so if you ever want to join me, come on!)

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I love that the gym isn’t packed with dozens of people on the treadmills or machines; only their clients that are being trained at that specific time. What’s even better is that you don’t use the typical machines and don’t do the typical workouts. The trainers customize each workout to fit your needs and help you reach your own fitness goals. The exercises are fresh and new each session, and target every single muscle while keeping your heart rate up. They also offer the option of one-on-one training sessions (where it’s just you and your trainer for an hour), or group sessions (working out at the same time as 2-3 others, each with your own customized workouts), which is what I usually do. But my absolute favorite thing about Peak Physiques: No one is looking at you like you’re doing it wrong, and you’re not left feeling like a dumb dumb because the person next to you is a beast.
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For the first three months, I was working out with Treasure, a new trainer and awesome chick. She pulled me out of my comfort zone, got me in the habit of a workout routine, and made exercise fun for me. Unfortunately, her [full-time job] work schedule and commute weren’t allowing her the flexibility she needed to continue training at Peak Physiques, so she had to say goodbye. (She and her friend are doing our wedding cake. Ironic?!) I am now training with Brandi, the owner (who is also a tiny 5-foot-nothing jacked chick with a banging body, a million pairs of cute neon sneakers, and a bikini competition trophy who could probably bench press me), who is kicking my butt and making me “her own personal project between now and December.” (There, Brandi. I put it in writing … now I definitely can’t slack off!) Brandi has amped up my workouts even more (they are so hard!) and has me on a strict meal plan. (And she has got me to start sweating! I have never been much of a sweater, but now that my metabolism has kicked up, so has my sweating. I mean *sparkling*. Never thought I’d be excited about that!)


Photo taken Sept. 16, 2014

With that said, I am extremely proud (or sad?) to report that I don’t remember the last time I had cheese. Oh how I miss melted cheese. In fact, most of my meals look something like this …
photo 4 photo 5 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo 4

What’s really weird is that I don’t even miss the stuff I used to eat (except melty cheese). I no longer think about [cold] cheese, bread, potatoes, sweets … it’s really strange. But hey, I’ll take it! It really makes it worthwhile when I put on a dress that was tight the last time I wore it (so I put it in the back of my closet, where it sayed for almost two years) and now it comes off without having to unzip it.
photo 5[1]
photo 4[1]I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I’m on my way and I’m doing it the right way this time. No fad diets, no diet pills and no quick-fixes. I am swapping out my previous lifestyle for a new one and adapting healthy habits that will stick around for good. Since I’ve begun this workout journey, I feel great, have much more energy, I’m learning a lot about fitness and proper nutrition, I am definitely stronger, I have more endurance, I can actually feel my muscles, and all of my clothes fit looser. Oh, and I lost EIGHT pounds last week!! In one week! Apparently I wasn’t eating enough … who knew?!

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It’s definitely an investment and commitment, but it’s something that’s extremely important to me and something that I’m enjoying. I could be spending my money on fatty dinners or at happy hour, but instead I am spending that time and money at happy hour at the gym, and it feels SO much better afterward!photo 3[1]

I finally gave up on the idea of  “high school skinny” and am now just trying to get “late 20s healthy.”

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I’m aware of how much water I drink each day, thanks to this nifty (and beautiful) Count Me Healthy bracelet that my soon-to-be sister- and mother-in-law got me …
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Not to mention working out is also a great excuse to buy fun, new gym clothes :). (And when you don’t feel like working out, putting on bright lipstick makes it at least a little more fun. Brandi does the same thing!)
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BUT, no matter how much work I put in, I’ve come to the realization that this is probably going to be my theme song for the rest of my life. Which I suppose could be worse. (P.s. This is a fabulous cover of the original song, if you haven’t heard it yet!)

Huge THANKS to Brandi, Treasure and all my “Peak family” for the encouragement, confidence and non-stop butt-kickings. I love y’all for it, and can’t wait to see where I am come December 13th!

photo 3

Accidental neon day! Morgan, Treasure, myself – June 2014

photo 1[1]

35 minutes of cardio four days a week!

photo 3[1]

We’re spending more time doing activities than happy hours these days.

photo 2

Water: My new BFF!


For the first time in YEARS, I wore white pants this summer!!

photo 5[1]

#gymselfie after a hard workout

photo 3

Jimmy’s football Saturday v. mine. Bad boy!

photo 2

On Saturdays before football, Meghan and I take a Pure Barre class. It’s a completely different kind of workout, switches things up a bit, and is a great way to start off our Saturdays!

photo 4

Pre-training cardio.

photo 1[1]

True story 🙂


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