Sarah Jessica Parker (Terry Richardson/Harper's Bazaar)

One of my favorite actresses is celebrating the big 5-0 today, so I thought I’d celebrate! I am talking about the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker. Grace, beauty, style, brains, talent … she’s got it all and is definitely in the top five on my “people I’d like to meet” list. It’s hard to believe she is FIFTY and still looks so amazing. You go, girl!

So, to celebrate, I’ve decided to share 16 reasons why I love this Hollywood icon, and why you should, too! (I thought 50 might be too many.) Ready? Here we go!

1.She starred in the most amazing show ever.

2. And wore the most amazing (and bizarre) outfits ever. (That we all wish we could wear at least once in our lives. C’mon ladies, admit it.)

3. She taught us that tutus are not just for little girls anymore (and now they’re a HUGE trend!).

4. My BFF Whitney and I shared countless days and nights through high school and college on the couch watching Sex and the City marathons. Carrie Bradshaw got us through sick days, breakups, hangovers, celebrations, and was even a great excuse to skip class every now and then.

5. I used one of her Carrie Bradshaw moments, Carrie’s Poem, as a reading in our wedding ceremony, which my niece read.

6. She loves love.

7. I love this interview, especially right around 4:20 when the interviewer asks, “Heels or flats?” Her response is perfect. And her British accent. OMG I love her.

8. We want the same things in life.

9. No one has ever looked so amazing in black and white.

10. Some people are judgmental of her, but I think she is perfect and beautiful. And as long as she agrees, that’s all that matters.

11. She’s won 25 awards, including 4 Golden Globes, 2 Emmy Awards, 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and 39 nominations. Amazing.

12. Her priorities are in order.

13. I keep telling my husband this same thing, but he just doesn’t get it. At least she does.

14. She made everyone want to be Carrie Bradshaw.

15. Hocus Pocus, Sex and the City, Glee, The Family Stone, Smart People, The First Wives Club, New Year’s Eve, Footloose, Failure to Launch, ‘Til There Was You, Mars Attacks …. so many memorable movies, shows and characters!

16. She has her own shoe line!
The resort collection from SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker.

There you have it! Sixteen reasons Sarah Jessica Parker has my vote any day of the week. Do you have anything to add to my list?

Happy 50th birthday, SJP! I hope it’s just as amazing as you are!

Bonus: If you want more SJP, check out this article on life lessons we learned from Carrie Bradshaw.


Disclaimer: I do not own these images or GIFs. They were all pulled from a Google search.

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