7 “No-Fuss” Hairstyles For a Lazy Day (Video)

We all love a good, simple, go-to hairstyle that we know we can turn to no mater what, right? Let’s be honest … we don’t always have time to curl our hair in the mornings (or even dry it for that matter … because those extra 15 minutes of sleep are so much more important), our hair doesn’t always corporate, humidity isn’t always on our side (in Florida, at least), and sometimes you just want to look presentable without having to work out your arms first thing in the morning by trying to get your hair to stay up with 3,000 bobby pins. Amiright or amiright?!

I recently found this article titled 7 No-Fuss Hairstyles for a Lazy Day and instantly got excited. I love experimenting with new do’s and finding fun and easy ways to style my hair. Especially right now – it’s longer than it’s ever been (and it’s quite annoying most of the time).

So instead of trying them and keeping them to myself, I thought I’d video myself on the first go-around so I can share them with you. Why, you ask? I am wondering the same thing and still haven’t come up with an answer. You’re welcome or I’m sorry … you can choose. I had a feeling some of these would be a little difficult, especially because step-by-step instructions were not included, but I didn’t know I’d fail as miserably as I did. Feel free to watch (and laugh) if you so dare.

Things I learned after trying these styles:

1. My hair refuses to stay when I tie it in a knot. Does yours hold?
2. Pictures lie. I need step-by-step visual instructions. Stop trying to be like Ikea instructions, hair “tutorials”!
3. Everything looks so perfect on Pinterest. Real life is NOT Pinterest. Real life is a 90’s cheerleader ponytail-bun.
4. I make a lot of really weird faces .. and look kind of pissed off a lot of times. I need to work on that! I promise I’m not an angry person.

I vote you go and try these now and report back to me so I know if I’m the only dumb-dumb who can’t do these stupid “no fuss” hairstyles that forced me to drink an entire bottle of wine. Kthanks.



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