August Beauty Favorites (+ video)

So I started this recap of my favorite products last month as a regular blog post, but once I started taking pictures I realized that I was going to have to snap a pic of each item, load and edit them, work them into a post and type all of the descriptions, which would have made this one incredibly long post for you to read. So to save your eyeballs from crisscrossing, I got this crazy idea to film a video showing you everything instead. (I guess this is what my mind does when I’m left home alone.)

In this horrible-quality video you can learn all about my favorite products that got me through the month of August, see a little cameo of my yorkipoo Lexie, find out what I’ve been listening to for the past few weeks, and even watch me have a white girl dance party all by myself.

So without further ado, here are my favorite beauty products from the month of August. (I need to up my camera and filming skills. Bear with me.)

Products mentioned in the video include:

Let me know your thoughts on this post, my video, and if you’ve tried any of the products I mentioned!

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