So somehow I got the bright idea to catch my husband off guard on a Friday night, pump him full beer, sit him down in front of a video camera not knowing what was going on, and ask him a few questions about me. I know … this could have gone badly. But we’ve been together for over six years and married for almost a year … I hope he would know the basics. Ya feel me? Watch for yourself – he did pretty dang good! (Minus the fact that he thinks cheerleading isn’t a sport and didn’t know where I was born.)

There’s an even more entertaining (and slightly inappropriate) part two to this video where I asked Jimmy a bunch of random questions and he had to answer with the first thing that came to his mind. That part will come soon … stay tuned.

I’m loving filming and creating videos lately! It’s a fun way to capture events and activities, share them with you, and have them to always look back at. I’d love to hear if you have any video requests for me and/or Jimmy to tackle and share!

Until next time.

Xo, B

Posted by:Blakeley

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