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Every now and then you have to spice up a Monday. You know what I mean? The Bachelor usually helps with that when it’s in season, but we decided to take it to the next level. A few Mondays ago, a few friends and I threw the most epic Bachelor viewing party in all of viewing parties: A Bachelor and Bubbly party.
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My friend Stephanie was kind enough to host at her place, so three of us took it over to create the ultimate champagne-tasting & sweet treat-eating Bachelor Monday ever. We asked each girl to bring a bottle of champagne and we did the rest. We’re talking glitzy decor, custom shirts, homemade snacks, glittery truffles flown in from Missouri, red roses for every girl, a photo booth, and yes, even a red carpet.
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To make it even more exciting, I emailed The Bachelor Live, the show that airs immediately after The Bachelor, about Skyping in live with the host, Chris Harrison, and the Bachelor himself Ben Higgins. We didn’t know until a few hours before the show started whether or not we were actually going to make it onto the show, but we all showed up in red lipstick and champagne shirts just in case. Fortunately we did make it on the show, even though we didn’t stop yelling long enough to actually have a conversation with the guys. (And to think we spend literally HOURS trying to think of the perfect question to ask Ben. At least we made him smile!)
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The evening was full of laughter, pictures, and yes, TONS of champagne, and was probably the best Monday night I’ve ever had. If you want to see for yourself, here’s my video recap of the night!

And if you want more humor … After contacting The Bachelor Live about being a part of the show, I was asked to submit a brief video introducing myself. Of course I couldn’t do this alone, so I asked my Bachelor buddies to join me. This is what we submitted:

Thanks to the lovely ladies who joined us! Let’s do it again :).
IMG_6985 IMG_6981 FullSizeRender(2) IMG_6990

And yes, we killed every bottle in the house.IMG_5114



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