Birthday Edition: Confetti Photo Shoot and Video + 29 Random Things About Me

Hold the phone …. I’m how old?? When in the world did I have time to turn TWENTY-NINE??? Pretty sure I just celebrated by 18th birthday in downtown Savannah. And pretty sure I just turned 25. Now I’m in my late twenties? Man oh man, time sure does fly. I don’t hate birthdays like a lot of people, though, and I don’t mind aging another year. In fact, I embrace it. To me, it’s a time to be thankful to have made it another year on this earth, to reflect on the years past, and to celebrate the good things to come in the upcoming year. Everyone says your twenties are for living it up and find yourself, and your thirties are for finally having your s**t together. I’m ready for that part. But for now I will celebrate the last year of my twenties. (March 5, 1987 was 29 years ago, Mom and Dad. How does that make you feel?)

I kicked off my birthday celebrations with a fun birthday photo shoot, complete with confetti, confetti-filled balloons, exploding champagne, tulle skirts, sequin shirts, and one very patient husband. T. Whalen Photography, a local lifestyle and portrait photographer who is semi-new to the area, invited us to a photo shoot last weekend and the photos I’ve seen so far are so much fun! (Follow Tyler in Instagram here.)
_MG_7653 _MG_7684 _MG_7712 _MG_7791 _MG_7815 _MG_7855_MG_7846If you’re looking for a super-talented photographer in the north Florida/southeast Georgia-area who is a ton of fun to work with, please get in touch with Tyler (and tell him I sent you!). If you need more convincing (or want to hear some humorous commentary from  Jimmy), here’s a little behind-the-scenes video I put together from our afternoon.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! I will be sure to share them all on the blog as well.

Now before I go celebrate with some super fabulous people in St. Augustine, I thought I’d share a 29 things about me that most of you probably don’t know. You’ll probably judge me hard after you read these, but I’m cool with that.

  1. Birthdays are my favorite holiday. It’s the one day of the year that you get to do what YOU want and not feel guilty about it. In fact, I celebrate birthdays, birthday weeks, and birthday months. We always have in my family, and I think I will probably continue it for the rest of my life :).
  2. I have a younger sister, two older half brothers, and six + 2 nieces and nephews. All have two kiddos (the oldest is 15 and the youngest is three) … except me.
  3. I can blow spit bubbles. For real … like, they fly off my tongue and land places … like my hubby’s arm, which he despises.
  4. I can’t wait to have kids and start a family, but we want to live our lives first. We may never get the chance to do some of these things again once we start a family. I don’t think it’s being selfish, I think it’s being smart. (For those of you who always ask, there is your answer.)
  5. I have never been outside of the country, except to the Bahamas and that time we walked from Detroit to Canada … which doesn’t really count. Planning Europe for my 30th, though!
  6. I moved to Jacksonville for a five-month internship in January 2009 and am still here. Whoops!
  7. Friday nights at home with my hubby, dog, a good movie and a bottle of wine is my favorite time of the week. (Though I do love a good Sunday brunch!)
  8. I went to college at Georgia Southern University and studied pubic relations. (Go Eagles!) My favorite PR professor had us all create a Twitter account and a blog as part of our class assignment, so thank you for getting me into Tweeting and blogging in 2006, Professor Nixon! (Holy cow – that’s been TEN YEARS?!)
  9. I was Little Miss Jacksonville 1995!
    Q: What’s your favorite color? A: Blue
    Q: What’s your favorite movie? A: Aladdin
    Q: Who’s your favorite character? A: The Genie.
    Q: Why? A: Because he’s blue!
    Pretty sure that’s why I won. Also, why was blue my favorite color?Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 2.32.22 PM
  10. I grew up in a small town in Georgia about 15 minutes from Savannah called Richmond Hill. When I moved there in 1995 there was on stop light … now there are at least eight.
  11. I made a 30 before 30 bucket list on my 27th birthday and have only completed five things (#s 2, 3 10, 11, & 12). This is going to be a busy year!
  12. I am a ridiculously fast texter. As in, people I hardly know comment on how fast my fingers move on that screen. Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but …. it’s the truth.
  13. I am terrible at doing nothing. I literally can’t sit still, and it drives Jimmy absolutely crazy sometimes. Trust me, I wish I could. There just aren’t enough hours in the day and I hate wasting time!
  14. We had 201 people at our wedding and I can’t imagine what it would have been like if each of them hadn’t been there. Still the best day of my life.
  15. I recently started a YouTube channel! I clearly love sharing my life and things I enjoy with others, so why not do it in the form of video, too? Take a second to subscribe to my channel – it would mean the world to me!
  16. I have had this blog for six years. Dang, time flies!
  17. Jimmy is not at all the kind of person I originally thought I’d marry, and I wasn’t sure I liked him at the beginning. In fact, he asked me to be his girlfriend three times before I finally agreed! Glad I did, because now I can’t imagine my life without him. Funny how that happens.
  18. I am addicted to Starbucks. I know, it’s horrible. But a Grande Toffee Nut or Cinnamon Dolce Latte with coconut milk is my JAM.
  19. I am definitely daddy’s girl. He has the biggest heart in the world and would do anything for his family. How could I not be?
  20. My mom is my best friend. She’s always down for a good time, is my favorite shopping buddy, and is always the first person I call for advice. And goodness gracious, I hope I look like her when I have a 29-year-old!
  21. I am super sensitive to noises, especially mouth noises. Excessive chewing, people who talk really mouthy (you know, when you can hear the spit?), and slobbery sounds make me want to SCREAM! But the strangest of all: the sound of ripping fabric makes me want to throw up. It seriously makes me nauseous.
  22. I am a freelance makeup artist and do weddings and special events with my friend Heather. Check us out on Facebook, and let me know if you ever need your makeup done!
  23. I am part Cherokee Indian (which explains why this blondie has dark brown eyes and can  actually tan!). If only I had those cheekbones …
  24. I lost 33 pounds and 21 inches the year of my wedding.
  25. I have been on two national TV shows: Bachelor Live and Randy to the Rescue. What’s next??
  26. Nashville is my favorite city that I’ve ever visited. Pretty sure I need to move there!
  27. I have relatives who were featured in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
  28. I’ve broken five bones: My thumb in 2nd grade while doing round-offs showing off for a boy on the playground; my wrist; my ankle by landing a toe-touch back-handspring wrong senior year of high school; my nose by getting elbowed in the face during a cheerleading stunt – also my senior year of high school; and my toe. FYI: Crutches suck, don’t ever go to the beach and put your foot in the hot Georgia sand the day you get your cast off (your foot WILL blister), and don’t ever think about a nose job. The pain and healing process isn’t worth it.
  29. My favorite thing to drink is champagne. It says “I’m classy, but I’m here for a good time.” Okay fine … or vodka. Let’s get to celebrating!

The end! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, thank you for being a part of my life, and thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world. I love each and every one of you!

Happy birthday to all my fellow March birthday babes out there. I hope your day is full of champagne, confetti, and cake for breakfast! (Okay, fine … I hope everyone’s day is full of that!)



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