Crown Braid + Loose Waves | Video Tutorial

crown braidI’ve jumped on board the braid bandwagon and I’m never getting off. Mark my words. I’ve loved braids ever since I can remember, and now they are the “it” hairstyle, which makes me so very happy!


I came across this crown braid while scrolling through my Instagram feed, so naturally I had to  watch a video on how to recreate it. After sharing a photo of my own hair on IG, several people asked me how to do and suggested I create a video tutorial. Since the video I originally watched didn’t do a very good job explaining exactly how to do it, I thought I’d try doing one myself walking beginners through the process.


It’s actually pretty simple, it just takes some concentration and a little coordination. I have no doubt that, maybe with a little practice, you can achieve his super-cute crown braid yourself! I managed on the first try, so I believe in you.

IMG_9178 IMG_9183

Don’t take my word for it – try it yourself! Hopefully my video makes it simple and easy to understand. Let me know what you think! If you recreate this look, tag me (@BlakeleyVinicky) in your photo so I can check it out and give you some love. Happy braiding!



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