21 Week Update + New Pregnancy Subscription Bag

I just started my 22nd week of pregnancy! How is that even possible? I’m already more than halfway through and it feels like we just found out that we were expecting. Week 21 has been a big one for Baby Girl. She has become extremely active – turning, kicking and squirming all the time, she went through her second hurricane and evacuated for her first, pushed on my bladder non-stop during our eight-hour drive to and from Atlanta, and her daddy sang her his very own original rap song, something to surly be remembered. I am finally starting to feel like myself again … minus the growing feet, widening nose, aching back and heels, dry hands, breaking out skin, and expanding waistline. Isn’t pregnancy just glamorous? (I envy those women who actually answer yes.) On the flip side, I’ve been craving apple-anything, orange juice slushes from Sonic and fruit smoothies, and I can’t do dairy or spicy foods (which breaks my heart – I love spicy). Glad it’s been healthy foods instead of ice cream and cookies!

unknown-2 Despite all the misery that has come along with being pregnant, there has been a lot of joy and happiness, too. First and foremost, I am beyond blessed to be able to be pregnant and grow this precious angel in my belly (as wild as that is to say). I love seeing Jimmy warm up to the idea of having a little girl (it makes me weak in the knees when he talks about pushing her around in the stroller for walks around the park, and when he sees a little girl dressed in a frilly dress and tells her he likes her cowboy boots and pigtails). I also really enjoy feeling her move in my tummy, and knowing that I am growing a tiny human in there who will soon melt every heart she meets is a pretty incredible thing.


I also get fun presents, like toys and sippy cups from my in-laws, cute onesies I came across on sale online and have shipped to our baby girl, and goody bags from the stork!

unknown-12 unknown-10img_2355unknown-6 img_2361 img_2378 img_2390 img_2391 img_2397 unknownFun, right?? The Stork Bag is the first-ever pregnancy subscription bag that is delivered straight to your door every three months, and the reusable bag is filled with 8-12 products suited for that particular trimester. You have the option of subscribing for all three trimesters, purchasing the bags individually, or just ordering an item or two that is featured in the bag directly from the website. I am obsessed with this concept!! I’m such a sucker for subscription boxes, and I was so excited to find out that there is one for pregnant women. I just received my first bag for my second trimester, and am so excited about every single item inside! The contents of my bag included Bump Water, Bellie Butter, Happy Mama prenatal snack bar and probiotic drink supplements, organic heartburn tea, nail polish (Knocked Up Nails – so cute!), a collagen eye mask, health tips, chap stick, a Bellie Band, a magazine, and coupons. I just love that you get a few items for your health, a few items to pamper yourself, and a few practical items that every pregnant woman needs. Not to mention it’s all stuff that I will actually use – AND it’s all OB/GYN-approved.

The Stork Bag is such a fun gift for a preggy friend (or fellas, for your wife!), or to treat yourself to. OR if you know someone who recently had a baby, treat them to a Post-Bump Bag for lots of post-pregnancy goodies! To make it even better, you can take $5 off your first bag with code “new5”, or save 10% on your new subscription with code “newsub10”. Click here for details and subscription options.

Let me know if you decide to give it a shot! It’s so much fun to open and try out all of the goodies. I am already looking forward to my 3rd trimester bag!

Disclaimer: I received a complementary Stork Bag in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you Stork Bag for sponsoring this post!



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