DockATot + Accessories (Best Thing EVER)

If you follow my blog, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook you know how much I LOVE our DockATot. (You can read my full post and review on it here.) We started using it when Daisy was around three months, and have used it EVERY SINGLE DAY ever since. It is so nice being able to move her bed/lounger from one room to another, and be able to take it with us on trips knowing that she feels like she’s in a familiar place. (Plus we don’t have to use a random Pack N Play that is covered in who-knows-what-kind of gross germs.) Over the past few months we have traveled to South Dakota, New York, Connecticut, Georgia, Orlando, Chicago, Wisconsin, and this weekend we are heading to South Carolina, and our DockATot has come with us on every single one of those trips. We literally take it everywhere! It travels so nicely.

But the lounger doesn’t stop at just being a safe, comfortable and convenient place for baby to rest. To make it even better, they now offer toy arches that attach to the dock! The arch easily attaches to the cover, and can just as easily be removed as needed. It makes for such a cute compliment to the DockATot, and Daisy LOVES reaching for the crunchies (what her daddy calls the crinkly toys). It’s so cute seeing her wake up and start playing without even making a peep. Little does she know she’s working on strengthening her muscles and fine motor skills while using her imagination 😊.

We got the Minty Trellis cover with our dock, but picked the Strawberry Cream cover as a second. I love how easy it is to change the cover, and having two really comes in handy when one needs to be washed …. hellooooo blowouts … (or if you wanted to switch it out for a different gender down the road!). I went pretty basic with the Pristine White arch because I wanted it to match both covers, and added the black and white (which helps stimulate baby’s vision) Cheeky Chums toy set to match.

I’ve had so many people ask about my thoughts on the DockATot and if we would recommend one. I’ve even had a few people stop me in the airport to ask me if I like it when they see me carrying the bag as a carry-on. The answer: YES, we LOVE it. 100%, completely love it. (I’ve even smothered my face in it for a few minutes to make sure it’s truly breathable.) I honestly can’t imagine not having it, and I would recommend one to any mom of a newborn. I’ve had two friends who were skeptical order one for their newborn and haven’t looked back ever since. The day Daisy outgrows it (which unfortunately isn’t too far away) will totally shatter me.

If you’re considering a DockATot, here’s a coupon for $10 off! Have a DockATot? Do you love it, too? If you have any questions about it or our experience with it, please feel free to leave a comment below and I promise to answer ASAP! I know they’re fairly new to the market, so I’m happy to help answer any questions based on my own personal experience.

Thanks for reading!

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Disclaimer: I received my DockATot, cover and toy arch complimentary in exchange for this post, but ALL photos and opinions are 100% my own. I stand by everything I post here, and would never promote something I don’t fully believe in. Thanks for reading!



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