DIY Baby Halloween Costumes Under $10

One more day until Halloween!! I freaking LOVE this holiday – always have – and now it’s even more fun with a baby. I just love playing dress-up, experimenting with crazy makeup, and the opportunity to be creative. Now that I have a baby I get to do those things not only for myself, but for her as well! It’s been so much fun coming up with costume ideas for her – so fun that I haven’t been able to settle on just one, which brings me to this post. Costumes can get super expensive, and I have a hard time paying that much for something that will likely only get worn once (especially for a baby who will never be able to fit into it again). So I decided to rummage through Daisy’s tightly-packed closet for clothes that can be turned into costumes, and hit up the Dollar Tree and Target’s Dollar Spot for the perfect accessories to complete the look. Here are a few costumes that I’ve created, along with a quick breakdown of how I whipped it up. So if you’re in a creative rut or looking for an easy, last-minute DIY option for your kiddo, hopefully this helps! (P.s. Can I get a 🙌  for my little model? Daisy totally nailed the poses for each costume without any help from me. She’s such a good sport.)

Cinderella: I created this short little video for a Pampers contest and never ended up getting a picture of Daisy as Cinderella. Shame on me! But you can watch this video (it’s 45 seconds) to see it in action. To create this costume, I used a teal tulle skirt, white shirt and little slippers that we already had, and attached some white tulle to the sleeves to create the puffy shoulders. For the headband I just glued a few jewels to a blue satin ribbon, and I painted and decorated a pumpkin to look like her carriage. My total for the costume: $0.

Fairy Princess / Fairy Godmother: This costume was also created for the video, but it was so cute that I seriously considered it for her actual costume. We already had this pink tutu dress from Old Navy (my store still has them on sale) and the pink and gold mocs, the wand and crown came in a pack from the Dollar Tree, and the wings came from there as well. My total for the costume: $2.

Cute Witch: I’d let this little witch cast a spell on me any day! I accidentally walked through the Halloween decor aisles at Jo-Ann Fabric a week or so ago and somehow this adorable little tutu found its way into my buggy. It was originally $24.99, but it was marked down 70% off and I had a coupon for an additional 20% off, making it around $6. I didn’t have a plain black onesie, so I turned one with a design on the front inside out, and picked up the witch hat headband from the Dollar Tree. My total for the costume: $7.

Prisoner: Whether she’s in baby jail (a.k.a. her Pack N Play) or her cell (a.k.a. crib), she makes being locked up look mighty cute. We already had this cozy black and white stripe nighty, so I just gave her a pair of Dollar Tree plastic handcuffs to play with and her was instantly a little jail bird. My total for the costume: $1.

Regina George: So apparently not everyone gets this costume, but if you’ve ever seen Mean Girls you do. Right? I already had everything for this costume, so all I had to do was find the pieces that worked and matched. I cut the holes in a cheap white onesie and layered it over a pink one. (I have no advice on how to recreate this perfect facial expression … I guess Daisy was just really in character.)  My total for this costume: $0.

Kitten: Another super easy one! Daisy already had this leopard print onesie, but a solid color one would work too. I picked up the ears from Target’s Dollar Spot, and threw on a pair of these stockings to help complete the look. (I got them here.) Use face paint, eye liner or eye shadow to draw on the nose and whiskers (I used eye shadow with a damp eye liner brush). My total for the costume: $1.

Unicorn/Pegasus: Who doesn’t love unicorns? I ordered this unicorn headband a few weeks ago because it was too cute to pass up, but I’m sure you can find them at any costume store. I found the purple skirt at Target’s Dollar Spot and the pink tulle one at Dollar Tree, and just layered them for extra color. We already had this lacey white onesie, but you could use any color shirt or onesie. Every unicorn needs some glitter, so I used a little MAC Fix+ spray and some loose glitter eye shadow to add a little sparkle to her cheeks. Throw on a pair of wings to make it a pegasus! My total for the costume: $3 ($10 if you include the headband).

Vampire: If you’re a breastfeeding mama this one’s for you! I made this shirt using my Cricut, but if you don’t have one or know someone who does you could always paint the letters on with fabric puff paint, or use individual iron-on letters from the craft store. I used a pair of stockings from this pack to complete the look. You could even attach a small piece of fabric to the onesie to create a cape, if you’d like. Easy peasy! My total for the costume: $0.

Angel: You can never go wrong with a sweet little angel costume. I didn’t get to get a picture of baby girl in this one yet, but all you need is a pair of angel wings and white clothes! A white dress, onesie or shirt and leggings would work perfectly. You can even make a halo out of a silver or gold pipe cleaner and attach it to a bow. I already have these angel wings, but Dollar Tree has a few options, too.

And if you just want to keep it simple and match your little, throw on a Dollar Spot witch hat headband, make your baby a “Witch Better Have My Candy” shirt or matching jack-o-lantern tees, and call it a day.

There you have it! Which one is your favorite?

I can’t wait to share with you Daisy’s ACTUAL Halloween costume! Off to finish making it I go ….

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!

Disclaimer: A few links may be affiliate links, which means if you purchase something using one of the links I will earn a small commission (that goes straight to this little lady’s diaper fund.)



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