Halloween + Daisy’s Costume

Halloween has already come and gone? I just can’t believe that. We had so much fun celebrating Daisy’s first Halloween yesterday! Jimmy’s parents were in town visiting for a week and left yesterday, so I took the day off work to see them off and spend time with my girl. After ChiChi and Pops left for the airport, Daisy and I headed to the park for a mini photo shoot with two of my girlfriends and their babes. We all have babies a few months apart (nine months, four months and three months), so we thought it would be fun to capture their first Halloween together. (Thank you Ashley Graham Photography for the beautiful photos! You can totally tell which ones she took and which ones I did.) After the photos we went to lunch, then Daisy and I went to surprise her daddy at work at the Firehouse Subs Headquarters. She enjoyed meeting his co-workers and seeing the fire engine red everywhere :). Then it was time for trick-or-treating! Deciding what Daisy was going to be for her first Halloween was a total no-brainer … of course she had to be a daisy! I couldn’t find a costume I liked anywhere so I decided to make it myself. I wanted her to look like a little Ann Geddes baby, and this picture was my inspiration. Felt, tulle, some fuzzy yellow balls, a hot glue gun and a couple hours later I had a costume! I honestly wasn’t sure what it was going to look like all put together, but I thought it turned out so cute. So glad I made a “backup” headpiece, though … I knew that giant flower headpiece wasn’t going to last too long. (Also confession: I didn’t finish the whole thing until 11 p.m. the night before. Procrastination at its finest.) Originally I’d thrown out the idea of Jimmy being the gardener and me being the bumble bee, but he clearly had other plans. It was pretty hilarious! We headed out to trick-or-treat at a few houses, then Daisy made it loud and clear that she was ready for bed.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot!!! The biggest news of the day – bigger than Halloween and her precious costume – Daisy’s got her first tooth!! Hence the silly faces she’s making in a lot of these pictures. The bottom right tooth made its debut and the bottom left is already on its way. The poor baby was pretty fussy in the morning and at lunch when she chomped on my finger I realized why. An exciting (but painful) Halloween treat :). So excited for the next many Halloweens of dress-up and trick-or-treating with my little love. I hope everyone else had an awesome Halloween, too!


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