First Birthday Cake Smash

Can someone please explain to me how I have a one year old? Please? Anyone? I just found out I was pregnant. She was just born. And now she’s ONE?? ::Insert all the crying emojis here:: Much like her early arrival, I wasn’t quite ready for Daisy’s first birthday to get here (though this time I did have the opportunity to prepare everything … but myself). To me, she’s still a tiny little baby who needs her mommy for everything, when in reality she’s army-crawling all over the place and eating freaking cake. Sigh. Heartache aside, this has 100% been the best year of my life, and Jimmy and I have had SO much fun watching our little Daisy grow day-by-day. She’s seriously a gift from God, and I am beyond blessed to have her as my daughter. So to celebrate her big birthday, I baked a giant cupcake, made her a fluffy tutu, set up an elaborate display, adorned her head with a flower crown, and let her stuff her face with sugar and sprinkles while we captured it on camera. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with the cake and her chill personality didn’t shift much, but she did end up loving the frosting and having a good time. (I may have had to break into the cake for her – she’s so dang dainty!) I’m still sifting through the 967 pictures I have from her birthday party, but I’ll be sharing a post on that as soon as I can pick out my favorites (Lord, help me now). I hope you enjoy these sweet pictures as much as I do!

Photography by Kelly Martuccui.


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  1. October 5, 2018 / 12:19 pm

    Oh my word. Not sure why I’m just now seeing this! How beautiful! Love this! Happy first birthday Daisy!

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