Valentine’s Gift Guide: For Her

Happy love month! It’s officially February (how?!), which means everything is all hearts, pink, red and roses. And wine. And champagne. And chocolate. Tell me again why people hate Valentine’s Day? I mean, I’m personally not a fan of the superficial holiday that makes you A – hate life because you’re single and have no one to spend it with; or B – forces you into an awkward date night with some dude you don’t really want to be out with; or C – makes you feel like you and your lover boy or girl have to go out for an overly-priced dinner in way-too-crowded restaurants with stupid pre-fixed menus that don’t even have the chicken fingers and brownie a-la-mode that you really want. But I do enjoy an extra excuse for a date night, an opportunity to write sappy love notes, a reason to pop open a bottle of bubbly (like you really need a reason for this), and a guilt-free month to treat yourself to fresh flowers.

Jimmy and I aren’t big “go out and blow a bunch of money” Valentine kind of people. Instead, we always stay home and indulge in a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s and a bottle of bubbly from our living room floor while wearing sweat pants and watching a cheesy Nicholas Sparks movie. He usually brings home a bouquet of flowers and a card, and I usually have some treats waiting for him. It’s actually pretty perfect if you ask me.

BUT I know that a lot of people enjoy going out, getting dressed up, buying gifts for the ladies in their life or just treating yourself, which is why I created this V-Day gift guide for all the chickadees out there. These are some of the red, pink, silky, sparkly, girly things I’m crushing on lately that I thought you might enjoy, too. So go ahead and share with your man and let him know you’ll take one of everything, or treat your mama, sister or bestie and make their life. Everything is linked below for your shopping convenience. Let me know if you have any questions!

Here are 22 beautiful, perfect items under $200 (but most are under $60).

1. Who doesn’t want to sleep in satin every night? I love this long sleeve shirt and shorts set for V-day and every day.
2. These heart bangels make the CUTEST accessories for February! Available in red and pink. (Use code BLAKELEY20 for 20% off)
3. Every girl needs a ring tray! I have one in almost every room of the house and use them every day. I love this one shaped like a heart and says “is in the right place.”
4. Chocolate ALWAYS understands. This shirt is prefect for anyone, but would make your single bestie so happy while you both each a box of chocolate and get drunk together. (That was mine and my BFF’s fav way to spend V-Day before we both got married. Just sayin’.)
5. It ain’t V-Day without red (or pink) lipstick! If you’re a red girl, Ruby Woo is a cult favorite. If you like bright pinks, your makeup collection isn’t complete without Candy Yum-Yum.
6. Switch up your basic sunnies for these heart-shaped ones. The gold classes them up while still being trendy and fun!
7. This pink wristlet is the cutest way to finish off your outfit! And you can totally rock this throughout the spring and Summer, too.
8. Don’t forget those paws! I love this red for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and basically every day.
9. One of my favorite eye shadow palettes EVER! A great way to spice up your makeup look for V-day, but soooo great for Spring and Summer.
10. Pretty cups just make drinking smoothies, water and iced coffee so much more fun, wouldn’t you agree? Especially this glitter confetti one!
11. I am OBSESSED with these dusty pink suede bow pumps! They are perfect for the times you don’t want a high heel but want something a little dressier than flats.
12. Another obsession – these sequin earrings! Must. Have. Such a cute way to dress up black or white, or mix with a dark red. I think I’m going to have to have them for myself.
13. This one-sleeve ruffle silk top is so fun, and looks great paired with black or dark skinny jeans. Perfect for anyone hitting the town for the night!
14. These classic Kendra Scott earrings are every girl’s obsession right now, and make the perfect statement piece for any outfit.
15. A beautiful and romantic blouse that’s the perfect transition piece to transition from the office to date night. It also comes in red!
16. Gahhhm how fun are these red faux suede booties?? They would look so chic with a black dress, skirt, or even a maxi or jeans.
17. If you only knew how in love I am with this Lauren James dress!!! The deep-V back … the bow … the flare … it’s perfect.
18. Speaking of bows, I’m pretty sure this bow-embellished sports bra would make me want to work out every day just so I could wear it. So stinkin’ cute!
19. Raise your hand if you like wine or champagne! This “Here for the drinks” tee is basically made for me. And you. And every other girl out there. Would be so cute layered with a blazer and jeans or tucked into a skirt to dress it up, or just on its own with flats or sneakers for a casual look.
20. What a fun way to switch up the look of a purse! Swap out your basic purse strap for this heart-embellished strap and key chain set!
21. The cutest tote bag ever? I think it might be! This heart + stripe bag is perfect for V-day or any other day of the year. The size and colors are just perfect!
22. Tassel necklaces are all the craze right now, and so is shopping local. These Ellie’s Sparkles tassel necklaces are not only both of those things, but also super affordable. You’ll want one in every color, I promise! (Use code BLAKELEY20 for 20% off)


Hope you love everything as much as I do. Be back soon with gifts for him and the littles!


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