Bath Time Must-Haves for Baby

Daisy’s back on the blog, y’all! Today I am sharing my favorite items for bath time. Being a first-time mom, I have to admit I was a little nervous to start bathing my newborn, and I didn’t know when to upgrade from the sink to the sling bath to the big girl bath tub. And don’t get me started on the options. How the heck am I supposed to know which version of what to buy? Seriously … Why don’t babies just come with an instruction manual, everything spelled out in black and white? So I figured if I was confused and overwhelmed, I certainly couldn’t be the only new mom who was. Which is why I wanted to share my bath time must-haves for baby!

Daisy is only 14 months old, so I would say these products are geared for newborns to around two-years-old. Without further ado, here are my recommendations and a brief description of why we love them!

(Note: I have only one color or style shown here, but most products are offered in multiple colors, styles and animals – perfect for boys and girls!)

1.Hooded Towels (3 Pack): These towels are so nice for little babies. The hood fits nicely over their head, and the material is soft and the perfect size. The hood also serves as a pocket to fold the towel into for easy storage.

2. Babyganics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash: We’ve tried a few different baby shampoos, but I keep coming back to this one. It’s tear-free, non-allergenic, and made natural plant-based ingredients. It leaves my hands super soft, so I know it’s not drying out baby’s skin like some of the other body washes do. Plus the pump makes it super easy and less of a mess. The bubble bath is also a lot of fun! This Aveeno is another favorite of mine.

3. Inflatable Duck Tub: This is probably my favorite purchase ever! It’s perfect for when baby starts to sit unassisted, allowing them to get used to being in a bathtub without being overwhelmed by the new space or allowing them to slip and slide around. Not to mention it’s super cute and baby loves it. Also comes in a swan which it’s so precious!

4. Blooming Bath: I initially had to have it because it’s a flower and I have a daughter named Daisy, but it quickly became one of my favorite things. When Daisy was a newborn and for her first few months, we put this in the kitchen sink for bath time. It made bathing my 5.5 lb. preemie so much less scary.  It absorbs water, keeping it wet and warm for the bath, and it’s soft and cushioned to prevent them from touching the hard sink. It washes easy, and is super easy to travel with. Comes in lots of colors and flowers!

5. Mesh Toy Organizer: The mat (see #12) has great pockets for storing items you want out of baby’s reach, but this is great to keep all of the toys inside the tub so she can reach in and get the out herself.

6. Rubber Duck Thermometer: Every kid needs a rubber ducky in the bath! Daisy absolutely loves hers – it’s precious. I love that this can serve as a bath toy, but also displays the water temperature to make sure it’s just right for your little one.

7. Conscious Coconut Oil: I keep one of these on our changing table and one in my purse/diaper bag. It is 100% pure, certified fair trade, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil in a convenient tube. I rub it all over Daisy’s skin after her bath to help restore moisture and keep her skin soft and hydrated. It’s also great for treating diaper rash, rough skin and cradle cap. I also use it on my own hands and feet every day. Plus, with each tube purchased a meal is given to a child through Feeding America. A feel-good product all around!

8. Whale Waterfall Rinser Pitcher: I don’t know what took me so long to buy this, but it’s genius. I was using a plastic cup prior to getting this, but water would still get in Daisy’s eyes and she hated it (and I felt so bad). This not only holds more water than a cup, but the rubber seal curves to her forehead, forcing the water to pour out backward instead of in her face. Brilliant!

 9. Unicorn Hooded Robe (other animals available): Unicorn. Enough said. We have a couple different hooded bath robes and they are all so precious! But not going to lie … we don’t have this one, but we will SOON! Such a cute gift, too.

10. Mermaid Hooded Towel and Washcloth: Cutest ever! We have the pink shark, but I’m obsessed with this mermaid. They’re only so little for so long … they should probably look adorable in cute robes and towels after a bath, right!? These come with a matching wash cloth, too, which make for fun bath puppets.

11. Rubber duck (set of 12): If the duck thermometer isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned rubber ducky! In a set of 12, of course, in case they get gross or one goes missing.

12. Bath Tub Kneeler and Non-Slip Bath Mat: Have you ever knelt on your knees on a bathroom floor for an extended time several times a week? It freaking hurts! I was using a pillow until I saw this mat at a friend’s house. Again, another genius invention, and totally worth the purchase. I love that it has pockets on the outside for shampoo storage, keeping them out of baby’s reach. This one also comes with a non-slip bath mat to match!

13. Float and Play Bath Bubbles: Never under-estimate the power of a good bath toy! These are just as fun for me as they are for Daisy!

14. Bamboo Wash Cloths: These are sooo soft. Baby’s skin is so sensitive and fragile, and you don’t really realize how rough our wash cloths are until you feel one made for a baby. A must-have for all!

15. Waterfall Bath Tub (not pictured): Once Daisy started outgrowing the sink, we moved her to this in the bathtub. I love that is has a little waterfall that continuously runs, keeping her warm and cozy, and the incline makes it super easy to bathe her.



There you have it! My top 15 bath items for baby. You definitely don’t need everything listed, but these are all things we have tried and love, so I wanted to share and give you options. You can shop these items directly from this Amazon shop I created for you, or by clicking the links above. I added a few extra cute bath items in the shop, so be sure to check it out!

Did I miss anything that you love? Leave your suggestions in the comments! I’m also happy to answer any questions at all.

Thanks for stopping by!

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