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Y’all, I did something insane. Something I thought I would NEVER do. I got stuck with a needle by choice! I know … I’m crazy. But I like to say I’ll try [almost] anything once, otherwise how are you supposed to know if you like it or not? That’s the only way to make a fair decision about things, and the only way you can really make a judgement for yourself in my opinion. Besides, someone has to be guinea pig right? I’ve got your back, friends. You can count on me to try all the crazy things out there and report back here honestly and openly.

I recently received an invitation from a new spa here in Jacksonville, Pure Hydration, to come in for a complimentary IV treatment. I almost immediately wrote it off, but then reminded myself that I survived alllllll of the blood work during pregnancy and how I managed to survive 26 hours of excruciating labor. So without second guessing myself I emailed back and confirmed my appointment. Here’s more about my experience:

What is Pure Hydration and what are IV infusions?
Pure Hydration is a new contemporary spa in Jacksonville Beach that offers IV infusions. Per their website: “Registered Nurses administer our infusions, which take approximately 30-45 minutes to fully absorb. Our infusions have all been carefully created to support a variety of performance, recovery, and wellness goals. Whether your goal is to enhance the appearance of dry or aging skin, bounce back from jet lag, or recover from a minor illness or hangover, let us help you reach maximum vitality.” So why IV? “IV infusions deliver fluids, vitamins, medications and other supplements — such as antioxidants and amino acids — directly into the bloodstream for maximum absorption. The body is nourished at a cellular level as nutrients flow through the bloodstream, resulting in 100% absorption of each infusion’s unique nutrient blend.”

What was the experience like?
First of all, the spa is beautiful. The decor is very relaxing, comfortable and inviting. They have individual rooms where you receive your treatment, so you can be alone or have up to six friends with you to make it a group event. I was in a room with my friend Sasha, so we got to be tortured together. Just kidding, we weren’t tortured. But I did almost pass out twice … I’ll get there next.
After making yourself comfortable on the couch or recliner in your room, a nurse will come in and answer any questions and “take your order.” Once you’ve decided which treatment you’d like, the nurse creates your customized IV bag full of the vitamins and nutrients you selected, and comes back in to administer the IV. They’ll offer you a beverage, and you can relax while your body absorbs the solution. There’s a TV in each room, along with blankets to make you nice and cozy. My treatment took 42 minutes from start to finish. Once your IV bag is empty, the  nurse will come in, remove the catheter and you’re set to go!

Did it hurt?
I’d be lying if I said no, but it wasn’t terrible. I’m a major baby when it comes to needles … and I mean BABY. For reference, I was going to get a boob job after high school, but during the consultation the doctor marked on me letting me know where they would make the incisions and I looked in the mirror and passed out. On the floor. Topless. Talk about humiliating. Then another time I went with a friend to get her tattoo and passed out when I was in the tattoo parlor … and I wasn’t even getting anything done. Oh, and I also passed out when I got my belly button pierced in high school. So yeah, I hate needles. When it came time to get stuck for my treatment, I started feeling a little light-headed. We had to take a break for a minute and let Sasha have her turn, then she came back to me. And gave me an alcohol pad to sniff in case I started feeling faint again! HA. She had trouble finding a good vein in my arm (gross), but she finally got it to work in my hand and it really didn’t hurt at all. Just a little poke. The thought is much scarier than the actual prick. They use a tiny needle and a tiny catheter, so it’s not painful at all. The rest of the treatment was easy peasy.

What was it like?
Once we got the needle part over with and my nerves settled, the rest was simple. We were both scared to move the arm with the IV in it, but again, baby. I propped my feet up in the recliner, drank my iced coffee and just chitchatted. It was a little weird because you could feel the fluids going into your arm – it was just cold and foreign feeling. Again, sounds worse than is was. Toward the end Sasha and I were both shivering from the cold fluids which we didn’t expect, but they have blankets in the room for a reason! We just didn’t notice them until it was over … oops. So note to first-timers: grab a blanket before you start!

What are the benefits?
I opted to try the Energy and Metabolism because this mama needs all the energy and all the metabolism booster she can get! This particular infusion is designed to jumpstart your metabolism while replenishing your body with essential nutrients, but they have several different options you can choose from based on your immediate and long-term needs. For example, the Fountain of Youth helps brighten your skin, nails and hair, the Le Femme helps with PMS cramps, headaches and fatigue, the Immunity Plus is great if you’re feeling under the weather, and the Pure Party helps you recover after a night of too much fun! You can see their full menu HERE. I felt great afterward, but really started noticing the benefits that evening and into the next day. I just felt good. I slept great that entire week, which is rare for me, and my body just felt normal again. Breastfeeding can dehydrate you and take a toll on your body, and I’ve just felt tired and achy lately. While I wasn’t bouncing off the walls full of energy after my treatment, I did feel really refreshed and my body felt normal again … which was very, very welcome. They said the benefits can last 5-7 days after treatment, and I can vouch for that.

Who can/should do IV infusions?
Anyone! Well, just about anyone. IV treatments are great if you partied too hard and need a boost to get you through the day, if you’re feeling poopy and need some extra vitamins and nutrients to help boost your immune system, if you get migraines frequently, if you need help hydrating … the list goes on. I think it would be an awesome idea prior to and/or after a big or important weekend (like a wedding or bachelorette party!).

Can you do IV infusions while pregnant/breastfeeding?
I am still breastfeeding, so I had to check on this prior to my treatment. The owner called their on-call doctor for me to confirm, and he said it’s perfectly safe for a nursing mom to get the treatment with vitamins and nutrients, just don’t add any of the medicines (i.e. heartburn relief, anti-inflammatory, etc.). I would check with them on specific requests if you’re nursing or pregnant, but they do offer just saline bags for hydration which are safe for anyone!

What is the cost?
Pricing starts at $90 per treatment, and goes up depending on which option you select and for any additions you choose to add to your bag. They do offer memberships, which start at only $60 a month and includes one treatment per month, six B-12 injections per month, and 20% off any other additions or services. You can view the menu HERE and the membership options HERE.

Where is Pure Hydration located?
The spa is located in Jax Beach, next to Cortello Salon, Mellow Mushroom and Salt Life. So go hydrate and then stuff your face with a Poke Bowl or a pizza! You can find their address and contact info HERE.

Would I do it again?
In a heartbeat! I never thought I’d say that, but yes! I would go back right now. It really did make me feel good and I would certainly give it another shot.

So what do you think? Would you try an IV infusion or have you tried one before? Which one would you try first?

If you live in the Jacksonville area be sure to follow me on Instagram. I’ll be teaming up with Pure Hydration for a giveaway later this week!

Thank you for having me, Pure Hydration, and for making me be brave! Can’t wait to come back.



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