Meet the Flinstones: Halloween 2018 (+DIY Costumes)

We’re just a modern Stone Age family! Well, we were for a day.

I really can’t believe Halloween has already come and gone. I’ve been planning our costumes all year and POOF! It’s gone just like that. I usually have a million ideas for Halloween costumes that I have to decide from, but this year’s was easy and there were no other contenders. People have been calling Daisy “Pebbles” ever since her first ponytail, so becoming The Flinstones for Halloween was a natural choice. Plus Jimmy always likes to get into his character and I knew he’d enjoy screaming “Yabba-dabba-doo” all night long. I was right!

We went to the St. Johns Town Center for their Mall-O-Ween and trick-or-treated our way through all of the stores, then wrapped up our evening at Maggiano’s for dinner. It was a great Halloween! I wanted to share a few photos of our costumes with you, along with tips on how I put them together in case you ever plan on busting out in your own Flinstones costumes.


It doesn’t matter how much easier it is to buy them, I always prefer making my own costumes. Anyone else? I guess I just like that they’re unique to me and no one else has something exactly like it, and that I get to be creative and create my very own design. My mom always made our costumes growing up and she and my dad would always go over the top dressing up for Halloween as well, so it’s really the only thing I know.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Our costumes were pretty simple to make. I made Jimmy’s costume from scratch and used inexpensive items I found to create the rest. I picked up everything when it was on sale or I had a coupon, making the total for all three of our costumes under $50. Here’s how I did it:

FRED: Fred’s costume was the most intensive, but still super easy. I used three yards of orange fabric (this one from JoAnn to be exact) and no-sew ironing tape (because ya girl doesn’t have a sewing machine yet … it’s on my list!). I cut a hole in the neck, put it on Jimmy to measure, then cut and “sewed” as needed so it would fit him like a loose dress and made the ends zig-zagged. I cut the black triangles out of iron-on vinyl with my Cricut machine and pressed then with my heat press, but you could use fabric or even black paint or a marker to do those. For the tie I took 1/2 a yard of blue fabric, tied it around his neck, then cut the ends to make it caveman-appropriate. Jimmy was a rockstar and let me spray his hair black which really completed the look. He loved it!

WILMA: I could have bought the costume for $35+ or made one for $15, which is what I did. I found this dress on Amazon that ended up being perfect. (I suggest sizing up for the looser fit.) I cut one sleeve to make it sleeveless, then cut across the chest and cut the other sleeve off completely to make it the one-strap style. Add some zig zags to the bottom and done! I found these beads at JoAnn and was SO excited about them – they were perfect for a Wilma necklace! String them along white satin ribbon and tie around your neck. I used one pack of them, but if you want the beads or wrap around a little more you’ll want two. You’re not Wilma without the hair, so I used this Poser Paste to make mine orange, then put it in a bun for to complete the look. Voila!

PEBBLES: This one was super easy and the cutest thing ever. I found this boy’s green t-shirt at Target and cut the sleeves off, then did the same zig-zag to the bottom. I did the same thing with the black triangles as I did for Fred, then heat-pressed them on to the shirt. Daisy already had blue bloomers, but these would be an adorable option. I found this bone clip which was perfect, then turned her blonde hair orange with eye shadow. Don’t forget the signature Pebbles hairdo!

I didn’t think about their purple pet dinosaur Dino until a few minutes before we were leaving, but thankfully Daisy already had a stuffed one. I’m so happy with how they turned out, and we received soooo many compliments while we were out! So much fun. I’m already planning next year’s costumes, so if you have any ideas for us send them my way! Let me know if you end up recreating any of these, and tag me on Instagram (@BlakeleysBlondeLife) if you do.

Until next Halloween …. YABBA-DABBA-DOOOOO!!!!


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