“Holiday Musts” List + Free Printables

And just like that, we are already through our first week of December. Where is the time going and how do I slow it down? If you’re anything like me you’re probably trying to squeeze in as many festive events and activities as possible between now and the end of the year, and there are only so many days to get to them all!

I was recently watching someone’s Instagram stories and saw them crossing items off of their Christmas Must-Do list and it instantly caught my attention. I wish I could remember whose story it was because I thought it was such a cute idea! (If it was you PLEASE let me know.) So I decided to create my own list for my family since we have a gazillion things we want to do and want to get to as many of them as possible. (Anyone else a list person? I need lists for my lists!)

It was so much fun creating our holiday checklist and coming up with things we didn’t want to forget. We have it hanging on the fridge as a daily reminder so we don’t forget anything! I think it’s a fun little tradition we will start each year, and let Daisy start adding to it as she gets older. You can download the printable below if you’d like to start it with your family (or just for yourself), too! I also created a “watch list” because there are always sooooo many holiday shows and movies we want to watch, but then can never remember what they are when it’s time to sit down and watch one. That’s below as well!

Now I want to know: What are some of your holiday MUSTS? Or movies or shows to watch? Leave a comment and let me know – I may need to add some to our list, too!


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