HELP ME!!! I don’t typically call out for help on here, but this is time-sensitive and very important to me.

Help me become a member of the #SephoraSquad!!

I applied for the #SephoraSquad Influencer Program and need some testimonials to help straighten my application and increase my chances of being considered. If you’ve ever been inspired by me in any way, especially anything beauty-related, would you mind taking just a second to leave a quick testimonial? Just follow THIS LINK and type in whatever it is that makes you enjoy following along with my blog or crazy beauty antics. It would mean the WORLD to me!!  

It closes tonight at 3 a.m. EST, so take just a second and do it while it’s still open.   I know there are thousands of applicants out there, and I’d be honored to even be considered. Thank you SO MUCH in advance!  

Click here to leave your testimonial. I’ll keep y’all posted!


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