Buzz TV Interviewed Me!

You guysssss!!! I recently had my first TV interview about my blog! I’ve been interviewed many times working in the PR field, but it’s never been about me or my blog, so this was definitely a first. I had such a great time on the set of Buzz TV with Adrienne Houghton sharing all about this baby of mine. This blog is really a passion project and something I’ve been working on for TEN YEARS, so it truly means a lot to have the opportunity to share about it.

I was sitting on my “bad side” at an unflattering angle and I’ll just go ahead and say the camera really does add ten pounds to make me feel better, but hey … I am who I am. And this is who I am right now.

If ya wanna hear about This Blonde Life from my point of view, have a watch at the interview!

Thank you so much for your love and support, and for having me, Buzz TV!


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