Easy + Affordable Thanksgiving Table Decor (+ Meal Idea)

Let’s get a few things out of the way real quick:

1. Yes, I have a grass wall in my living room. A bride hired me to make it for her wedding and now it just sits in my diving room because we have no where else for it to go. Should I put Christmas lights on it!? Anyone wanna buy it?

2. If you have wine on your shopping list (or if you just love wine and drink it basically every day like I do), take advantage of this deal right NOW. Winc has tons of amazing wines and you’ll get a $22 discount + complimentary shipping (which comes out to 4 bottles of wine for less than $40!) if you order through my link. Also great for gifts! CLICK HERE to shop wines.

3. Many of these items were gifted to me, and this post may contain affiliate links (which means I may make a small commission if you make a purchase through any of them). I can’t even tell you how much your support means to me when you remember to use my links – thank you in advance!

Okay, let’s get to the post.

In case you haven’t noticed … The holidays are here! The holidays are here! Needed to say that twice because I’m super excited. This time of year is always so much fun, but it’s even more fun this time around now that Daisy is old enough to understand and have fun with everything. We kicked off the festivities in our house over the weekend with our annual Friendsgiving, and it was so fun getting to celebrate with all of our little ones too. I love that we all have kids around the same age!

I wanted to share some of the decor and dishware I used, in case you’re looking for a simple yet beautiful and festive option for Thanksgiving (or any time of year, really). I was gifted these farmhouse-style pieces from Precious Moments, and they truly are the perfect staple pieces for any occasion. They would also be wonderful gifts if you’re making your Christmas shopping list! I just love the sweet yet subtle embellishments and uplifting reminders on all of them, and they feel so nice and expensive but are super affordable. The best part: it can all be delivered before Thanksgiving if you have Amazon Prime!

Shop the collection below.

And yes, I mixed paper plates with crystal wine glasses, gold flatware and champagne flutes. I’m classy like that.

I didn’t go too crazy with table decor, only because I’m dying to put of Christmas decorations and didn’t want to create more work for myself for such a short time. But, of course, I still have to be festive. I decided to continue with the white theme by stacking white pumpkins of different sizes and using a white pitcher as a vase, and adding in some color with fresh seasonal flowers (and of course the food), and sprinkled a few nuts around the table.

Speaking of the food I HAVE to share this with y’all. Sprouts Market hooked it UP and meal prep for this Friendsgiving with the easiest EVER. They’re offering an entire prepared Thanksgiving meal (as in the meat, the sides, everything) for only $69.99. And y’all, it was SO GOOD! All I had to do was throw the turkey in the oven for 90 minutes and heat up the sides. SO EASY AND SO DELICIOUS! Everyone was raving about it. They also have a beef and a ham option, so if you have a Sprouts nearby and want to save yourself from slaving away in the kitchen this year, I 100% recommend it. Click here to reserve your meal.

Cheers to a happy Thanksgiving, y’all!



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